We’re making customer experience the backbone of every business.


We believe listening is a business "superpower"

Our mission is to help every business gather, manage and market their customer experience to improve the business. We believe that listening is a business superpower, so we work to create valuable 2-minute conversations with each of your customers after every experience. We transform these conversations into data that drives improvements, bolsters reputations, and fuels growth. GatherUp makes all of this possible, building a continuous cycle of happy customers and powerful reviews to help you capture your next customer. After all, that’s why we’re called GatherUp: we gather the experiences of your customers to drive up your reputation, sales, and success.

Our Core Values

Customers Rule

Never underestimate the importance of the customer: they’re your business. What customers share, say, and think is the pulse of any business. It’s that simple.

Service Sets Us Apart

We’re obsessed with serving our customers. Every time we hear “your customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced,” we know that we’ve done our jobs.

Quality Matters

There’s just no substitute for an awesome experience. We set the bar sky-high and refuse to compromise on quality. We’re continuously building a seamless and delightful experience that we continue honing every day.

Curiosity Fuels Creation

We believe in big ideas, dreams, and out-of-the-box thinking. We’re always thinking of innovative new features to help businesses thrive.

We’re Playing The Long Game

We’re not here to give the hard sell. We’re working on a huge opportunity that matters to organizations all over the world. We believe in creating rigorous, sustainable success for our product, our team, and our clients.

Lead, Not Follow

We love people who sink their teeth into every task, and aren’t afraid to own their successes and mistakes. We strive to turn great ideas into great things… without needing an army to do it. We’re thought leaders who constantly speak, share, teach, and learn. In an ever-changing industry, we’re on the vanguard, and we bring that expertise to every decision.

Our company history

We were founded in 2013 by local search marketers Mike Blumenthal, Don Campbell and Thomas Hasch as a passion project to help local businesses engage in the world of reviews. Aaron Weiche joined our team shortly after and we all knew that we had tapped into something beyond just reviews and that we could dramatically improve the way that businesses interacted with their customers.

Our team comes with a deep background in local search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing, and we are some of the foremost voices of the industry. We share an obsession with helping businesses of any size flourish through the power of listening to their customer. We’re not just about maximizing star reviews: we’re obsessed with making customers—both yours and ours—happy.

Our growth has come because of our passion and focus on world class service and our ability to provide innovative solutions by listening to our customers.

In 2018, GetFiveStars became GatherUp. After five years of building and decades of industry know-how, we’ve built a solution that’s hand-crafted, cared-for, and powerful enough to help change businesses for the better. GatherUp reflects our growing capability to help businesses not just gather reviews but to grow from understanding their customers better.

In 2019, GatherUp joined ASG MarTech, a robust group of marketing technology businesses. ASG MarTech brings an exceptional foundation of SaaS operations and marketing expertise that will allow GatherUp to grow faster while continuing to innovate in our industry.

With more and more businesses using GatherUp every day, we’re poised to implement our vision and make customer experience the backbone of every business.