SMS Marketing Powered By Reviews

Make SMS a top revenue driver through personalized messages. GatherUp’s software allows you to easily and compliantly build lists and engage subscribers at scale. Unlike traditional marketing methods, SMS is the only marketing channel that drives sales through customer loyalty.

Your Most POWERFUL Marketing List

GatherUp differs from other SMS marketing platforms, because we’re built on a foundation of first-party data from reviews.

As your customers make a purchase, our platform collects customer contact information and requests reviews – then our automatic opt-in flow does the rest. Grow your subscriber list without lifting a finger:

Automated SMS opt-in requests

Bulk SMS opt-in campaigns

Want to see this power in action? View our demo.

Our SMS Marketing Platform stands on its’ own. View the demo below for an introduction into how we make the difference.

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SMS Compliance

Compliance is a critical aspect of SMS marketing. GatherUp makes it easy and effortless to abide by the strict rules and guidelines.

GatherUp mitigates the possibility of this risk with our automatic opt-in and opt-out process:

Compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)


Automated requests for written explicit consent or double opt-in


Automatic list updates for opt-outs or unsubscribes

From Happy Customer to Loyal Customer

Consumers are selective about which brands they sign up to receive texts from.Through reviews and feedback, we’re able better identify the customers that love you.

We target customers who leave positive reviews for SMS opt-in:


Find happy customers through Net Promoter Score (NPS) and review requests


Promoters produce high opt-in rates and are likely to engage with your offers

Personalized Messages & Effective Campaigns

Personalized Messages that Drive Revenue

Personalized messages get better engagement – and as a result, drive more revenue. Segment customers based on their behaviors through our review tagging feature.

We’ll even create pre-built lists for you to make it easy to get started, or upload and create your own lists. Provide value & drive sales through:
  • Sending new customer promotions
  • Providing offers closer to conversion moments (like checkout abandonment)
  • Identifying and engaging with the customers who love your brand

Craft Effective SMS Campaigns

GatherUp has all the features you need to write and send revenue-generating text marketing campaigns, including:
  • Link shortener
  • Click tracking
  • Bulk SMS
  • Two-way SMS
  • Emojis and multimedia messages
  • List building
  • Message scheduler