Our Reputation Management Software, Your Agency’s Service

Founded by local SEO experts, GatherUp was developed with online marketing and SEO agencies in mind. With a white labeling option available to our agency partners, we strive to help you make an impact for both you and your clients.

Streamline your processes, save time, and grow your own agency’s business by adding our customer experience software to your offerings.

The AI-Powered
Reputation Coach

GatherUp’s AI-powered reputation features save time by automating responses and eliminates the hurdle of crafting unique replies for each review. It streamlines feedback analysis and generates tailored responses, enhancing brand image and fostering customer relationships efficiently. We’re helping your agency be the Reputation Coach for your clients.

Help your clients get reviews and new business

Deliver results for your clients that fuel their marketing, SEO, customer data, quality traffic and sales. Our reputation management software is built to help your marketing agency deliver a solution that powers online reviews, website content, local SEO factors, customer feedback and more.

Make SMS Marketing a top sales driver

Build the most effective and powerful marketing channel for your clients through SMS marketing.

The goal of reputation management is to understand how customers and prospects perceive a brand and be able to take strategic steps to improve brand image — SMS marketing is one of those steps you can take for your clients. With GatherUp, you can easily identify ideal SMS subscribers by targeting which customers love your clients through reviews and customer feedback. With GatherUp you can build your clients a compliant, engaged SMS subscriber audience faster than anyone.

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Trusted by over 400 agencies because we are a partner, not just a provider

Created by digital marketing and Local SEO thought leaders, GatherUp is not just a provider in the reputation space. We want to be your partner, building features based on solid strategy, not just buzzword tactics. We won’t cut corners and we work tirelessly to be at the forefront of the industry so we can share our knowledge with you.

We put you in control

As an agency using GatherUp’s white label reputation management platform, you are in control of the branding, management, and pricing.  We power the technology while you focus on the right mix of services and support to deliver results for your customers.