We try to host monthly webinars to keep you up to date on the latest when it comes to reputation management and the GatherUp platform. The experts at GatherUp share our knowledge, platform, strategy, and industry news helping you to build and manage your online reputation.

Upcoming Webinars

September Webinar:

Feature Launch: SMS Marketing Campaigns

Date: September 26, 2023

We’ve spent months creating something new and the team is excited to unveil SMS marketing Campaigns to our customers and prospects. 

Join us as we discuss the latest exciting new feature that will turn customer voice into customer loyalty. 

Don’t miss out on this chance to learn:

  • The benefits of SMS marketing
  • How GatherUp helps you build the most valuable list in marketing 
  • Compliance and opt-in rules
  • How the feature works and see it live in the application

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September 2023: 

In our September webinar discussed the balance of human touch and AI when evaluating customer feedback. 

Andres Escobar, CEO at ReviewBiz.io joined and offered his insights on how his clients and he himself manages this balance. We covered:

  • How the search experience is changing
  • Generative AI and its impact on local SEO
  • What you can do to prepare

Click here to view the on-demand recording or download the slides.

ReviewBiz helps gym owners build trust, crush the competition, and generate more sales. Check out Andres’ podcast, Gym Owners Growth Zone.


August 2023: 

In the August webinar we took a look at generative search and its impact for marketers now and in the future.


Andrew Shotland, CEO at LSG SEO, and Krystal Taing, Global Director of Pre-sales Solutions at Uberall, joined to share their expertise and insights. We covered:

  • How the search experience is changing
  • Generative AI and its impact on local SEO
  • What you can do to prepare

Click here to view the on-demand recording or download the slides.

June 2023: Agencies and AI: How to use AI to Drive Efficiency & Enhance Customer Service

In this webinar we discussed how agencies can scale activities and drive efficiencies for their clients using advances in Artificial Intelligence. 

Thanks to Jay Bowen, Co-founder of Conversations by Ami, and Katy Zasada, Senior Strategy Director at Location3, for offering their expertise and insights during this webinar.

Click here to view the on-demand recording or download the slides.

May 2023: Drive Revenue with a Proven Review Response Strategy

In this webinar we discussed how to create a review reply strategy that can drive long-term business success. Covering topics including:  

  • Benefits of replying to reviews and what reviews need a response
  • Basics of how to reply — what to include in your response
  • How to reply to negative, positive, and neutral reviews
  • A quicker way to respond to all your reviews

Click here to view the on-demand recording. 

March 2023: Optimizing GBP for Multi-Locations & Franchises

In this webinar we invited guest, Darren Shaw, Founder/CEO of Whitespark, to discuss his best guidance on optimizing your Google Business Profile to increase local SEO ranking and conversions. Darren provided tips to:

  • Achieve better conversion rates and rankings
  • Provide customers all the information they need to choose your business
  • Stand out from your competition

Click here to view the on-demand recording. 

Dec 2022 Agency Webinar: Holiday Edition

In this month’s webinar we were in the gift-giving mood!

The GatherUp product and engineering teams have been hard at work the past few months building amazing new features, some of which were recommended by our agency partners. 

We started off highlighting our takeways from the Moz “The Impact of Local Business Reviews on Consumer Behavior” study. We also took a look at Facebook’s new page experience and what it means in relation to GatherUp and reviews. 

Chris Walker, head of sales, walked you through the new features:

If a you’re interested in testing out our Agency Business Report and/or the new Stars feature to collect 1st-party reviews, email [email protected] with subject line BETA TEST [Feature]. 

Thanks to all who registered and attended this month’s webinar. Enjoy the holiday season. We’ll have even more exciting news to share in 2023!

Sept 2022 Agency Webinar: Change Management and the FTC Guidelines

In response to the FTC’s updated online review management guidelines, we updated relevant features within the product. Chris Walker, GatherUp Sales Team Lead, walked our agency and enterprise partners through the changes, how it can impact their organization, and how to educate clients and team members on the benefits.

July 2022: Bolstering the Customer Experience with Business Texting

On July 14th, we welcomed Aaron Weiche back to the GatherUp webinar. Weiche, is the co-founder and CEO of Leadferno, and the former CEO of GatherUp. 

Together with Steve Hartman, the two talked about how business texting creates a connection that can make for an incredible customer experience. Once that experience is delivered businesses should be capturing, marketing and learning from customer feedback. 

Marketing reviews helps drive customers to your site where utilizing a web-to-text app like Leadferno can drive conversion rates and close more leads. With products like GatherUp and Leadferno working together your business can deliver amazing customer experience.

May 2022 Agency-only Webinar: 5/19/22

On May 19th, 2022 we welcomed our agency partners to join us on our first agency-only webinar of the year. 

We’ve brought agency resources into the application. This is a huge win as it is much easier to find, access and utilize the tools provided. 

Reputation Scorecards launched on May 17th. This new tool helps agencies prospect new clients by highlighting their online reputation and compares them to the nearest competitors. The scorecard can also be used as a benchmarking tool for existing clients. 

Chris Walker, Sales Team Lead, showcased his sales tips in the Anatomy of the Sale. He showed how to use the Reputation Scorecard in the sales process. 

Lastly, we highlighted Sendible, an all-in-one Social Media management solution. Sendible is owned by the same company as GatherUp, and thus there are discounts available for GatherUp customers when you buy Sendible. Our agency partners have enjoyed Sendible’s platform, ease-of-use and feature set. 

Webinar Archives


June 2021 Webinar: Integrated local marketing for franchises: Maximize your digital presence

GatherUp joined forces with Location3, a Denver-based digital marketing agency specializing in delivering enterprise strategy with local activation. The webinar focused on paid and organic strategies for driving business to enterprise brands on a local level.

April 2021 Webinar: 4/27/21

A walk-through of next-level processes for feedback gathering that will make you a GatherUp power user.

March 2021 Webinar: 3/30/21

Mike Blumenthal says farewell. And we showcase the brand new GatherUp Inbox functionality, Reporting, and Google review attribute monitoring.

February 2021 Webinar: 2/24/21

We discussed Google Posts, social sharing, surveys, our partnership with Whitespark, and Integrations.

January 2021 Webinar: 1/26/21

The sendoff of Aaron Weiche, a walkthrough of Tags and TextBack, Beta testing for Inbox, and Google Review Summaries.

December 2020 Webinar: 12/23/20

The launch of custom notifications, new send mode display for easy updates, 2020 in review and 2021 predictions.

October 2020 Webinar: 10/31/20

A new notifications interface and options update, Cyfe and GatherUp integration for digital dashboards, and a walkthrough of adding customers to GatherUp.

September 2020 Local SEO AMA Webinar: 9/8/20

GatherUp’s third local SEO webinar covering both local search tips and a lengthy AMA section featured Amanda Jordan and Claire Carlile along with Aaron Weiche and hosted by Mike Blumenthal.

August 2020 Webinar: 8/26/20

The addition of Quick Links, the Feedback URL, Google Attributes now in the Review Widget, masks and reviews research and case study, and the power of tagging.

June 2020 Webinar: 6/30/20

The launch of Google review attribute monitoring and smaller updates to social sharing, Direct Mode, and a new review badge option called minimal.

June 2020 Local SEO AMA Webinar: 6/23/20

Mike Blumenthal hosted Joy Hawkins, Krystal Taing, and Aaron Weiche to share local SEO tips, Google My Business changes, digital marketing strategies, and more.

May 2020 Webinar: 5/27/20

An in-depth look at the power of using Tags. We also cover how to create better Social Sharing backgrounds, the return of Google reviews, new integrations and Google’s newest review feature, review attributes.

April 2020 Webinar: 4/28/20

New updates to our Social Sharing feature with a Twitter integration and new cropping tools. We also cover recent articles on review strategy, digital marketing with your reviews, our Local Search AMA webinar, and more.

April 2020 Local SEO AMA: 4/24/20

Joy Hawkins of Sterling Sky and Darren Shaw of Whitespark joined GatherUp’s Mike Blumenthal and Aaron Weiche for an hour packed of insight, local SEO strategy, COVID-19 adjustments and Google My Business tips.

February 2020 Webinar: 2/25/20

Social Sharing has launched! Tune in to see our newest feature in action and take a look at new user management tools.

January 2020 Webinar: 1/28/20

We’re kicking off 2020 with a trio of new features you don’t want to miss. Optimized Layouts, Social Sharing, and…