April 2021 Webinar Recap

In April, we focused on a few different techniques that GatherUp power users have developed to get the most out of the platform. These processes help you target customers that clicked the reviews button but didn’t actually leave a review. Learn how to send that specific list a review request with less friction to make the review more likely.

Chris also highlighted a few techniques that you can use to adjust your review request copy that typically results in more keyword rich reviews and feedback. He demonstrates how valuable it is to get keyword rich reviews for local SEO purposes.

Gatlin examined the role of reciprocity, community building, and specificity to gather more feedback and improve your customer experience.

Watch the April 2021 Webinar

April 2021 Webinar Agenda

Chris, Garrett, and Gatlin offered a variety of power user processes for GatherUp customers to implement.

Chris walked through how you can make a second request for a review with GatherUp, getting keyword-rich reviews, and all of our great Pro Plan features. Garrett shared how you can use Cyfe to create a local marketing reporting dashboard with GatherUp data. Gatlin highlighted 3 psychological triggers behind customer feedback gathering.



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