Quick Start Guide

We put together this quick guide to get you up and running with GatherUp in a fast but educational process. You are just steps away from your start to gather customer feedback and encourage online reviews to manage your customer experience.

Download the PDF version to print off or walk through the steps below.

Welcome To GatherUp

We’re excited you’ve chosen GatherUp as your platform for customer feedback and online reviews. This quick guide will help you get your account set-up and your business started with gathering customer feedback. While GatherUp is a very robust platform, this “Quick Guide” was created to have you up and running in under an hour.

This quick guide will show you how to:

  1. Verify you completed the Set-Up Wizard to add your location, online review sites, logo and brand color.
  2. Choose a Request Mode and customize the steps and content
  3. Set your alerts and notifications for your account
  4. Add your customer list of emails (or other methods to engage customers)

Building A Better Business

We’re excited to work with you and know that our product will help you in your goal to build a better business by listening to your customers. GatherUp is a proven platform and process to gain customer insights and feedback by offering:

Setting Expectations For Results

First let’s look at some baseline expectations and terms that will help you.

  1. Our platform makes customer feedback and online reviews easier, it will NOT take a business giving only 2-star service and then create customers writing 5-star reviews. You have to be pricing a good service and product to earn reviews, no matter how easy we make it.
  2. Our platform is the engine, but your customer is the “gas” to make it run. You must consistently add emails or mobile numbers to get results.
  3. It’s a numbers game. Just like email marketing, only certain percentages of your customers will open your emails or click a link. Here is an average process to outline what you should work towards with our platform.


1. Verify Your Set-up

Our Set-Up Wizard covered these steps when you created your account with us, but just to make sure let’s look at each step to ensure your account is complete.

Add Your Business Location

GatherUp starts with creating a profile for a business location. If you are a one-location business, then just adding your location is all you need. If you have 3 locations, you will need to create a business location for each profile (this is because each location will have its own data and online review profiles). Here’s how to add your business locations:

If you have multiple business locations, repeat this process and add each location to the GatherUp platform. If you have more than 20 locations, please contact us so we can provide a bulk location upload spreadsheet.

To edit an existing location in the platform, make sure you are in that location (clicking from Business Dashboard). Go to ACCOUNT and then select BUSINESS DETAILS from the drop-down menu.

Add Your 3rd-Party Review Sites, To Ask & To Monitor

In this step, you will select which 3rd-party online review websites you want to direct positive customers to write a review on and which sites to monitor for new reviews. Keep in mind you will need to set these review sites FOR EACH LOCATION, as each location will have a different profile link on these sites to leave reviews specific to that location/profile. You can vary review sites per each location, you can add or delete review sites at any time and you can also re-order them at any time (just drag and drop).

EXAMPLE: Adding the Facebook profile for Plymouth VIP Auto

Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/pg/PlymouthVIPAuto/reviews/

When saved/added you will notice the green check mark as pictured above. You will also notice the checkmarks allowing you to ask for reviews on this site by selecting the “Show URL” line and/or monitor this site for reviews by selecting the “Monitor online reviews” line.

Pro Tip: We have found that a small amount of choice is best when it comes to your selection of online review websites. Try to select between 2 to 4 total. Give a few options for the best response rate. Depending on your plan, you can monitor up to 5 or 10 review sites.

Set Your Brand & Colors

Your feedback process will be branded with the look and feel of your organization. This step will help you add your logo, accent color and an optional banner image to appear on specific templates in your emails and landing pages.
Our email and page templates are designed to be clean, professional and enable the customer to give feedback. You are able to edit any of these settings at any time in our platform.

2. Choose A Request Mode

GatherUp uses a process of emails and landing pages to communicate with your customers which we call “Request Modes”. Our modes have various options for requesting feedback, capturing Net Promoter Score, gathering 1st-party reviews and encouraging 3rd-party online reviews.

Each of our three Request Modes has a primary and secondary focus, allowing you to choose a mode that best fits your goals and then customize the options.

Click on REQUESTS and then choose REQUEST MODES from the menu.

Ultimate Mode (3-step): Our full offering of customer feedback features

Primary Focus: Customer feedback, generating 1st-party reviews to display on your website with the Review Widget for SEO benefits, option to ask up to four (4) survey questions and capture your NPS score.
Secondary Focus: Encourage 3rd-party online reviews

Review Mode (2-step): A quick path for NPS and to ask for 3rd-party reviews

Primary Focus: Generate 3rd-party online reviews and capture you NPS Score
Secondary Focus: 1st-party reviews to display for SEO benefits on your website

Direct Mode (1-step): Requests 3rd-party and 1st-party reviews right away

Primary Focus: 3rd-party review request without NPS score and segmenting
Secondary Focus: 1st-party reviews to display for SEO benefits on your website.

GatherUp is in compliance with Google’s Terms of Service for reviews (TripAdvisor too) and does not allow “gating”.

Edit The Flow Of Your Chosen Request Mode

On the Request Modes page, you will select the mode you wish to use on the left side of the page. Once you have selected your mode you will edit the content, steps and options of that mode on the right side of the screen.

It’s important to note that each mode is separate and has its own settings, content and steps to its process. The Request Mode screen is below, with the Ultimate Mode selected.

To edit each step, click the EDIT button. You will then be shown the editor for that step so you can customize and save the content. You will notice some steps have ON/OFF options available and timing settings for automatic delays. Again, each step has its own template, content and options so review them closely.

Feedback Settings

The Feedback settings page has many options to help you customize the feedback process. This being a Quick Start guide we will not cover them all, but we have already checked the important ones and you are free to review each item on this page more in-depth. Don’t hesitate to contact our team at [email protected] with any questions.

3. Email Notifications

Notification Settings

Once again we have “pre-checked” the basic settings for you on this page. Let’s cover the ones we have selected by default:

4. Add Your Customers

GatherUp offers many different ways to acquire feedback from your customers. The most common way is to use your customer’s email address to proactively ask them for feedback and reviews. Let’s look at a few ways.

Add A Single Customer

Upload A Customer List

Sending Your List

Pro Tip: When setting the AUTOMATIC mode, you may want to consider the normal number of customers you see in a month. If you are uploading your list of new customers once a month, set the emails/texts per day to clear that list in 30 days. If you are uploading a list of 600 customers from 6 months’ worth of transactions, you will want to drop that out over 2 or 3 months. It is BEST to mimic your real-world customer cycle.

Example: Average of 150 customers per month, set to 5 per day. Average of 450 customers per month, set to 15 per day.

*** DO NOT send out all of your requests in one day (our setting helps regulate this). This approach will hamper the dates on your Testimonial Widget display and can also trigger filtering by the online review sites like Google, Facebook and Trip Advisor when multiple reviews show up on one day. The search engines and review sites are looking for a natural flow of reviews, otherwise they get suspicious and start filtering them.

Send Yourself A Test

Add yourself and/or other staff members as a customer to the platform and hit send. You can then see the process as your customer does to fine tune anything.

You’re Up And Running, What’s Next?

We’ve covered the basics to have you up and running with GatherUp. We’re hoping this Quick Start Guide will help you build better relationships with your valuable customers. Following the tips in this guide will help you get 1st-party and 3rd-party reviews that help market your business to new customers and ratings to ensure you current customers love you.

A Few More Pro Tips

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