The Reputation Management Software That Grows With You

At GatherUp, we understand the challenges of staying on top of multiple locations – whether it’s 5 or 25,000. Our software is set up to support your online reputation management, monitoring and marketing across every single one.

Find all the tools you need to capture more feedback, engage more customers, get more reviews and boost your online reputation, at a budget tailored to your needs and goals.

Flexible location and user settings make online reputation management easy

Leverage the power of your brand with all of your customer feedback, reviews, and more in one place. With GatherUp, you get a dynamic set of features at your fingertips to manage your data exactly how you choose. You can create users and assign access to any or all locations. You can also manage a user’s permissions to control what they can do, manage, and edit. As a result, you can enable a corporate team to have an omnichannel view or empower a location manager to take action.

Send personalized messages that get read

The best customer to get is the one you already have – grow customer loyalty through SMS marketing.

The goal of online reputation management is to understand how customers and prospects perceive your brand and be able to take strategic steps to improve your image — SMS marketing is one of those steps you can take. Easily identify ideal SMS subscribers by targeting which customers love you through zero party data (i.e. customer feedback). With GatherUp you can build a compliant, engaged SMS subscriber audience faster than anyone.

Net Promoter Score request on a mobile phone

Huge SEO benefits for location pages

Our Review Widget streams valuable reviews to your location pages to populate them with unique content, keywords, structured reviews, and more. Dominate Google’s search results thanks to location pages that rank.

Insights & brand reporting to drive your decisions

Uncover opportunities, track your performance, and bring clarity to your brand’s online reputation management efforts. Our reporting suite gives you the data you need to make decisions that improve the customer experience. Benchmark, track, and grow your Net Promoter Score, review ratings, survey scores, engagement, and more.

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