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GatherUp has all the features you need at the price you want. Request customer feedback and online reviews to fuel your online marketing. Get a pulse on the current customer experience to drive better business outcomes. Turn the customer voice into customer loyalty by combining reputation and SMS marketing. 

Locations Price per location
1 location
$99 monthly per location
2-10 locations
$60 monthly per location
11-16 locations
$45 monthly per location
17-25 locations
$35 monthly per location
26-40 locations
$32 monthly per location
41-100 locations
$29 monthly per location
101+ locations
$25 monthly per location


Promotional SMS Marketing

This add-on feature is available now for all paid subscriptions. Upgrade your account and unlock the personalized way to send unique offers and messages to your happiest customers. 

GatherUp helps you build a compliant list using the power of 1st-party reviews. Your happiest customers are most likely to opt-in for SMS marketing messages, and no one helps you gain more 1st-party reviews than GatherUp. 

$10 monthly per location

Receive 1,000 monthly promotional SMS marketing messages per month. Additional messages are charged at $0.02 per message. 

90% of marketers using text say it has helped them drive more revenue

Web-To-Text Chat 

Website Widget

This add-on feature is available now for all paid subscriptions. Upgrade your account and turn more website visitors into leads and answer customer questions faster than ever via 2-way text message resulting in better customer experiences.

Don’t let prospects and customers get frustrated by traditional webchat robots. Start a text conversation!

$10 monthly per location

Includes 1,000 messages per month. Additional messages are charged at $0.02 per message. 

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Digital Agencies Pricing

White label reputation management software for your clients

GatherUp is built with online marketing and SEO agencies in mind. Founded by local SEO experts, we believe that GatherUp is the elite white label offering for your agency. Let our software, branded to be yours, make a digital marketing impact for your clients while growing your agency’s success and revenue.

Add reputation management, review acquisition and customer experience to your offering today.

Multi-location Pricing

Grow your reputation and manage your CX in one place

No matter if you have 5 or 25,000 locations, GatherUp can simplify your reputation management, monitoring and marketing.  We’ve helped hundreds of multi-location businesses implement their first customer experience management solution, and we’ve replaced other solutions that fall short.

Capture more feedback, engage more customers, build more reviews, and drive your marketing all over the web.


What is GatherUp?

GatherUp is designed to let a business or an agency working on their behalf easily implement a customer feedback and online review management solution. The product automatically requests and tracks customer feedback, prevents bad reviews, streams reviews out to the business website and encourages happy customers to leave online reviews across the Internet.

ProTip: Online Reviews are becoming increasingly important in the decision process of your customers and clients. Search Engines such as Google rank websites with reviews higher!

Will GatherUp work for my type of business?

GatherUp can be used for “any” type of business that can benefit from a consistent process for generating, capturing, and responding to customer feedback so they can create a virtuous cycle of customer engagement and service improvement.

GatherUp is designed to let a small business (or an agency working on their behalf) easily implement a best practice customer feedback/review management process.

The product automatically solicits and tracks feedback, minimizes the number of bad reviews, pushes testimonials out to the business website and encourages happy customers to leave reviews across the Internet.

Key benefits of GatherUp:

#1 Get better search results: The more reviews and testimonials you get, the better your search results become. Which leads to more customers and more reviews.

#2 Capture feedback: Get in the habit of creating a dialogue with customers so you can build on your strengths, catch problems early, and constantly improve your service.

#3 Generate word-of-mouth: GatherUp helps you generate the referrals, testimonials, and other word- of-mouth feedback that leads to repeat business.

Do I need a website to use GatherUp?

The short answer is “No” — You do not need to have a website to use our platform.

GatherUp provides you with everything you need including a feedback page and email forms to communicate with your customers right away.

However, we encourage every business owner to have a website.GatherUp will allow you to embed customer testimonials on your website and ask for feedback right on your website.

GatherUp uses the Google friendly Schema.org format to display your selected reviews and testimonials, which are indexed as unique content of your site.GatherUp of course works on all types of websites – HTML, PHP, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and more. The design is fully responsive for Phone and Tablet uses and works on any Mac and PC browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox etc.

Do I need a physical street address to use GatherUp?

The short answer is “No” — You do not need to have a physical address.

A physical address is only needed to register for GatherUp. Use your business mailing address or any other address. After sign up click on “Settings -> Email Templates” and you can upload a business logo or image at the bottom of the page that will replace the address and Google Maps box in all your customer interactions.

Does GatherUp require a contract or is there a Termination Fee?

GatherUp does not have any hidden fees, contracts, locks or termination fees. Your account is billed monthly and you can cancel at any time.

We won’t hold your reviews and data hostage either — You can export all your customers and reviews at any time.

Does GatherUp work on any PC, Mac, tablet, or Smartphone?

“Yes” to all of the above.

#1 GatherUp uses “Responsive design” and works great on any PC, Mac, tablet, iPAd, iPhone, Android phone and more.

#2 GatherUp works with all modern browser versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox etc.

#3 GatherUp also works on all types of websites – HTML, PHP, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and more.

Does GatherUp require a lot of my time each week?

GatherUp is a fully automated solution and for many businesses only requires about 15 to 30 minutes of work each week or less depending on many factors and settings you utilize.

Once you have created your account you can take advantage of several automated features, such as automatically send and receive feedback emails and alerts. Automatically approve positive reviews to show on the web, while hiding negative ones. As well as automated follow up and reminder emails to just name a few.

Please visit the UserGuide found here for detailed information about using GatherUp.

What type of support is available?

GatherUp offers many ways to get answers and help using our platform. These methods include:

How does GatherUp compare to other reputation software?

GatherUp was created and is maintained by well known industry experts Mike Blumenthal, Don Campbell and Aaron Weiche. We focus on providing an affordable, effective and intuitive customer feedback and online review platform for you.

Only with GatherUp can you be assured that changes in local search, schema markup and reputation management find their way into your online presence right away.

Don’t trust anonymous reputation builder tools who don’t show who is behind the product with your good name.

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