Webinar Recap: Bolstering the Customer Experience with Business Texting

Thank you to those who attended and registered for this webinar on July 14th. We were joined by former GatherUp CEO, current co-founder and CEO of Leadferno, Aaron Weiche to talk business texting and how it can positively impact the customer experience. 

Download the slides from the webinar here.

Watch the July 2022 Webinar

Webinar Agenda

The webinar began with a “re-introduction” of Aaron Weiche. Aaron walked through what problem he has been solving since his departure from GatherUp. 

Leadferno makes business texting and web-to-text an effective tool for businesses looking to capture more leads, drive better conversion rates and create amazing customer outcomes. Aaron shared supporting data that businesses should be messaging with customers. 

By creating a conversation, not a session, businesses can build long-term relationships beyond what live-chat can provide. This connection leads to more trust, better customer engagement and a dynamite customer experience. 

Steve Hartman, Product Marketing Manager at GatherUp, provided research on how many reviews contained keywords related to communication and whether they were negative or positive reviews. The data tells the story.

The communication experience drives the customer experience. Over 1/3 of negative reviews mentioned communication-related keywords! 

So a key to delivering amazing customer experience is communication. And once a business delivers amazing CX, it’s important to capture customer feedback or reviews. Use those 1st and 3rd party reviews to your advantage. Market them on your website, Social Media and in your Google Business Profile.

We talked through the different ways to use text or SMS feedback requests to receive feedback. Ideally you maintain a consistent channel for communication, from engagement, discovery, support and then feedback process. You can also utilize the Feedback URL and Google Chrome extension to place links into customer text conversations. 

Lastly, Steve unveiled the updated Add-ons & Integrations menu within GatherUp. Account owners are now able to add more email and/or SMS credits to any business location. As businesses transition to more text-based communication, a location may need to add additional SMS credits

It’s easy to add or remove what you need when you need it!

Texting creates an exceptional customer journey

The customer journey is a cycle. It starts with driving people to your website or business. How you deliver communication can make or break the customer experience. 

Use texting or web-to-text throughout and you’ll have a seamless connection, not an individual session. Once you’ve delivered an amazing experience, capture the feedback, market the reviews, and win new customers. Rinse, repeat! 

GatherUp and Leadferno work together to create an unbelievable customer experience that you can market and measure. 



We'll help you build a better business

Our goal is to help you connect with your customers to gain valuable insight on what’s important to them. While you happy customers will help your marketing, your unhappy customers will point out where you can improve and our system will help you communicate with them to keep them with you.