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Sometimes it’s the little things in life that slow us down. As an agency or digital marketer, one of those tasks that falls under the category of incredibly tedious is to find the Google Write a Review link for service area businesses.

Write a google review box

Chrome Extension For Google Reviews Link

At GatherUp, our support team was struggling with this very same issue so our engineering team, who are quite brilliant*, came up with an elegant solution: a Chrome Extension that quickly and easily determines the Google Write A Review link and the Maps URL for any given business.

GatherUp Google Review Link Generator available at chrome web store


Most tools that generate this link only work for bricks and mortar businesses. This GatherUp Google Review Link Generator extension has the benefit of working for both business with or without address showing.

The tool has the added benefit of surfacing both the PlaceID and the CID for any given listing. These are fundamental Google values for identifying a specific location amongst the millions in Google’s Knowledge Graph. It’s always best practice to archive this location data in case, at some point in the future, something goes wrong with a listing and you need help tracking down the cause.

So whether you are a plumber trying to figure out your Google Write A Review link or agency helping SMBs succeed, head over to the Chrome store and install your extension.

Oh, and don’t let me forget…. while you are there would you leave our Chrome extension a review? It only seems appropriate to ask. 🙂

*Excuse my bragging but I think it is ok to brag about both my children and my co-workers. They both do an amazing job of solving problems big and small every day. And I am very proud to work with the folks at GatherUp. They take many of my hair-brained ideas and turn them into a sharable reality. How cool is that?

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