February 2021 Webinar Recap

In February, we tackled the value of Google Posts, how you can use them to make the most of your Google My Business listing, and how you can share your best reviews as visual media (with a clever tracking link).

The GatherUp team also reviewed some of the most underrated features of the platform, Social Sharing and Surveys. Have you ever wanted to use your positive feedback and share it on Twitter but didn’t know how? Check out how simple it is.

With Surveys, you can easily check-in with customers and see how they’re feeling about your masking policies, new product roll-out, or even general brand sentiment. Use surveys to identify trends in a few specific areas of your business.

Watch the February 2021 Webinar

February 2021 Webinar Agenda

Chris, Garrett, and Mike had fun discussing the opportunities around Google Posts. Chris walked through the GatherUp Social Sharing functionality and how it can help you amplify your great feedback. Garrett broke down a few specific use cases for surveys outside of generating reviews and feedback for your website.



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