Set a reminder to avoid issues when review requests stop sending

Sending feedback or review requests is a pillar of any online reputation solution. Review quantity can provide plenty of value, such as suppressing the effects of a few negative reviews, and influencing customers when they make purchase decisions. GatherUp makes it easy to gather feedback from customers through multiple channels. But what happens when a business stops sending requests? 

That’s right, reviews and feedback stop coming in. But how do you know if review requests aren’t being sent? 

Set a No Requests Sent reminder in GatherUp and you’ll be alerted quickly when review requests stop sending. Agencies can reduce churn by identifying a problem with client customers being added to GatherUp. Multi-location or franchise teams also need to know which of their locations are adding customers and sending requests to meet the KPIs created to build a better online reputation.

Why it's important to consistently send review requests

It’s vital for agencies and multi-location teams to know when a business or location isn’t sending feedback requests. Reviews will not flow in at the same velocity without requests being sent.

57% of buyers expect a business to have more than 11 reviews.  It’s possible to gain a few 3rd party reviews here and there without sending requests, but velocity will be lower and valuable 1st party reviews will cease to be collected.

Businesses with more than 9 fresh reviews (posted within the past 90 days) earn 52% more than average and those with more than 25 earn 108% more than average.

Every day you’re not sending review requests is a missed opportunity to collect customer interactions, improve your business and earn more revenue. 

This notification will alert you to an issue before it becomes a problem.

3 ways the No Requests Sent reminder helps troubleshoot

This reminder helps you detect problems before they affect the bottom line.

In an agency’s case,  limit customer churn by discovering the client isn’t finding the full value of the software by not sending review requests. This reminder will alert you after a week or month in the event requests stop sending. 

Multi-location or franchise businesses will know which locations are sending requests regularly. It’s important to consistently send requests across locations to fairly compare results and keep a consistent brand experience . 

A couple reasons requests may stop being sent:

  1. A location or business forgets to upload customers
  2. There’s an issue with the API connection
  3. Credentials changed within your integration

How to set up a No Requests Sent reminder

It’s simple and easy to set up this notification and never miss out on sending review requests. 

Go to the business or location’s Settings menu and choose Notifications. 

Screenshot of GatherUp Notification Settings

Within the No Requests Sent Reminder menu you’ll have options to select the timing and who will receive the notification. You can even send this reminder to additional recipients not currently using the product. 

Screenshot of GatherUp No Requests Sent Reminder Addl Recipients

Be notified when review requests stop sending

To make listening your business superpower it’s important to consistently send out review and feedback requests to all customers. But if something breaks, or there’s a human error, how would you know the requests didn’t go out? 

Set up a reminder for No Requests Sent. Solve problems before they negatively impact your business. Keep clients longer and drive a consistently strong online reputation for your business by using the No Requests Sent reminder.



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