March 2021 Webinar Recap

In March, Mike Blumenthal gave a warm farewell as he ended his day-to-day journey with GatherUp and started his new venture, local media publisher

we got to debut the power of Inbox. With Inbox, we demonstrated how you can create tickets for 1st party reviews, design smart routing rules so that specific types of tickets are automatically sent to the right people in your organization, and implement feedback response templates for easy replying to your happy and unhappy customers.

The GatherUp team also reviewed the most powerful reports available on the platform. Learn how you can use various reports to unearth insights that your customers are sharing via their feedback.

Reminders included the new Salesforce integration that’s available starting today, March 31st. We also have two available partnerships for Google My Business protection, Spam fighting, and listings management services with Steady Demand and Whitespark respectively.

Watch the March 2021 Webinar

March 2021 Webinar Agenda

Chris, Garrett, and Mike had fun discussing the brand new Inbox. Chris walked through the GatherUp Reporting functionality and how it can help you learn about customers. Garrett broke down Google review attributes.



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