Case Study: Allstate Partners With GatherUp To Drive Reviews

Allstate’s commitment to making a difference in customers’ lives, giving back to local communities, and helping people has helped make them one of the largest and most trusted insurance companies.

In 2015, Allstate started noticing a shift in consumer behavior and their expectations of the customer experience. Allstate quickly moved to utilize GatherUp to capture important customer experience data at both the local insurance agent and brand levels to stay ahead of this change. In fact, they’ve been industry leaders in this area for their 10,000+ local agents.

The results are massive. Allstate has gathered over 1.5 million reviews after partnering with GatherUp and has seen Google reviews grow at 89% year over year.

Consumer behavior was changing; people wanted access to information that would help them choose an agent.”

George Palatine, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing

But capturing and understanding customer feedback, online reviews, and other customer experience data was just the start. Allstate realized this valuable data would also help inform prospective customers what local insurance agent might be the best fit for their needs.

Powering Social Proof & SEO With Reviews

Allstate saw the powerful ability of 1st-party reviews to drive benefits in digital marketing and impact the customer’s experience when selecting an agent. When you arrive at you will find local agent options in your zip code plus a summary of their review and reputation data to help you make your selection.

allstate online reviews
Allstate uses review and reputation data to support local agents and inform customers

If you click the agent’s profile page you will see that their reputation is part of the heading as well as the page content where a complete history of customer reviews, and the agent’s replies, are displayed.

Allstate agent website with reviews
An Allstate agent’s online reputation is displayed on their profile page

The streaming of reviews from GatherUp to the Allstate agent’s page carries benefits past informing the potential customer during their web session. Because these reviews refresh when new content is received, they contain fresh, unique, and valuable content that is rich with keywords and always up-to-date. This is a search engine optimization (SEO) win all around for Allstate and its individual agents.

Allstate agents do a great job of replying to these reviews, realizing the benefit of closing the loop on any type of review is an additional customer touchpoint that can set them apart.

These on-page SEO wins also benefit Allstate agents through increased visibility in Google’s search results.

Google search results for insurance agents

Allstate agents have been able to grow their Google reviews as well as making their Google My Business profile stand out.

Google reviews for Allstate insurance agent

A Partner That Invests In You

Allstate uses GatherUp’s software to achieve reputation management results and also values the opportunity to work with a valuable partner. For over 5 years, GatherUp puts the customer first and leverages digital marketing and customer experience expertise to make an impact as a full customer experience solution helping our partners achieve their goals. We’re proud that our customers like Allstate feel that difference.

“GatherUp is a true partner. They understand our goals and brainstorm unique ways to help us achieve success. They offer a multitude of industry insights and it’s clear they’re invested in our success,” Dan says.


Download The Case Study

Here is the full case study for Allstate and GatherUp. You can also access previous case studies and ebooks on our download page.



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