Case Study: NuBody Concepts Partners With GatherUp to Boost Reviews

NuBody Concepts is a leading cosmetic surgery center in Tennessee. Serving patients in the Nashville and Memphis areas, they specialize in providing surgical-like results without the scars and patient downtime. 

Associated is  another business, Hair Doctor, which specializes in hair transplant services. 

Their top priority is providing patients effective treatments while causing minimal disruption to their lives, enabling them to feel confident in their bodies. 

But, when it came to receiving online reviews, NuBody Concepts was finding that they struggled to find enough time to manage their online reputation effectively. 

Combined with a history of some negative Google reviews under previous ownership and surgeons, they were concerned that their online reputation was preventing new patients from finding them. 

In this case study, we’ll explore how NuBody Concepts was able to improve their online reputation management to receive more reviews and ultimately boost their customer experience. 

NuBody Concepts struggled to find the time to improve its review profile

To start with, NuBody Concepts felt that they had too few Google reviews when compared to their competitors. As we know, positive reviews form a key part of potential patients’ decision-making process. 

In fact, 74% of people have looked online to find out about a doctor, a dentist, or medical care. 

Consumers are also 48.8% more likely to search for reviews on healthcare providers on Google than any other 3rd-party site. For that reason, it’s essential for medical providers to have a strong online review presence. 

And although they have a strong local reputation, the cosmetic surgery practice felt that they weren’t receiving enough new positive reviews to balance out negative ones from the past. 

As a small business, NuBody Concepts was also struggling to find the time to update their website frequently enough to reflect the new reviews that they receive. 

Using reputation management software to manage online reviews

By implementing reputation management software, NuBody Concepts found that they were able to resolve many of their review-related challenges as well as achieve some unexpected results. 

Automating feedback requests to increase the number of reviews

Firstly, NuBody Concepts needed to increase the number of reviews they receive. So that this didn’t become an additional time-consuming task for the team, they chose to implement an automatic feedback request system. 

This new automated system saved the team time and meant they were able to ask more past patients for reviews. They started by sending out requests to previous patients. 

More review requests resulted in an uptick in patient reviews. Their Memphis location now has 36 reviews and an overall 4.5-star rating: 

Using constructive reviews to improve customer experience

Primarily, NuBody Concepts had wanted to focus on receiving as many positive reviews as possible. But as an added bonus they found that they could use all the new feedback to help improve their business offering. 

NuBody Concepts found the constructive feedbak helpful for identifying gaps in customer experience. 

When feedback around timeframes and communication began to arise, they were able to react promptly and shift their ways of addressing how they communicate key details with patients so that they knew what to expect at different points. 

Based on customer feedback about communication and providing realistic timeframes, Sine Thieme, the Marketing Director of NuBody Concepts, was able to identify ways of improving this element of customer experience. 

[For Hair Doctor – hair transplant service.] “We’ve learned to be more accurate in what to communicate. We developed better communications, better follow-ups, and we automated with Zapier so that patients receive emails a week after or two weeks after, saying this is what to expect in the next four weeks, in the next 6 months [of the treatment plan.]” 

~ Sine Thieme, Marketing Director at NuBody Concepts

By understanding their patients’ communication needs, NuBody Concepts learned how to better communicate with their patients throughout all stages of the treatment journey. 

“We’ve learned to set expectations better.”

Using positive reviews as valuable social proof

NuBody Concepts had wanted to use their most positive patient reviews as social proof. New positive reviews are not only effective social proof but also provide fresh relevant content for their site. 

Displaying positive reviews in each relevant section of the website enables potential patients to know what to expect when it comes to selecting their treatment type. 

For instance,  when patients now view their Liposuction treatment page, they can see the most recent reviews from patients who underwent the procedure:  

Each NuBody Concepts treatment page includes a testimonial section, like the facelift page shown here: 

Simply including positive reviews on each service page gives NuBody Concepts a lot more social proof and credibility. 

“It’s a double bonus, you’re getting a service that improves your review standing and it has the SEO benefit of updating your website. It’s also time-saving for updating reviews on the website. I used to upload them manually onto WordPress and it was a lot of work.”

Using GatherUp’s tag widget, they’re able to filter reviews based on the star rating and keyword mentions so that only the top-rated relevant reviews appear on each treatment page.

Detailed reports help NuBody Concepts accurately interpret data

Tracking keyword mentions throughout patient reviews also helps NuBody Concepts evaluate which treatments and services are generally receiving positive responses and which are resulting in complaints. 

Tracking patient sentiments enables NuBody Concepts to see that the keyword “staff” was frequently mentioned (85 times) and achieved a positive sentiment. Based on this data, we can see that patients are generally happy with the staff at NuBody Concepts and talk about them positively in reviews. 

Equally though, NuBody Concepts can also see that the keyword “question” was mentioned 38 times and has a negative sentiment rating of 2.2. From this data, NuBody could interpret that they should improve their ability to answer patient questions.  

Data like this helps NuBody Concepts decide what issues should be improved on a managerial and operational level. 

Displayed in an impact visual chart, it’s easy for readers to glance at the page and quickly see which keywords are mentioned most frequently and whether they’re mentioned with a positive or negative sentiment: 

Within the Business Report, NuBody Concepts can track how many feedback requests they’ve sent, the open rate, and the number of new reviews.

Using the Success Report, NuBody Concepts are able to see their NPS score, along with a breakdown of the percentage of promoters and detractors:

It’s also helpful for seeing a complete breakdown of which 3rd-party review sites are receiving the most reviews. They can also see their total number of 1st-party reviews and how many they’ve received in the last 30 days. 

In this case, they’ve received 33 new reviews in the last 30 days, equating to more than one new review each day––a huge increase. 

The review details section enables NuBody Concepts to see each recent review in more detail, their NPS score, and their star rating. They can also see whether they’ve replied to the reviews or not. This handy feature ensures that they never miss a new review and always remember to reply. 

Since businesses that reply to their reviews at least 25% of the time average 35% more revenue, prompt and authentic review responses should form a regular part of your review management routine. 

Customer feedback encourages team members to grow

As well as an uptick in reviews and feedback request responses, NuBody Concepts discovered further positive results that have helped them improve their staff and customer interactions. 

When positive feedback arrived, staff really appreciated it, especially when they called out staff members by name. This feedback helped validate team members’ efforts and show them that when they go the extra mile, patients are likely to appreciate it and call them out personally. 

Here Dr. Peters is praised by a happy patient: 

In this review multiple staff members are praised: 

Equally, if there were any complaints or negative feedback, it made team members keen to fix problems proactively. 

“It got our staff to be more responsive. Whenever some criticism does arrive, they want to eradicate that really quickly.” 

The increase in customer reviews has also improved communication between team members and managers. If a patient interaction didn’t quite go to plan, team members are able to notify managers promptly before a potentially negative review goes live. 

This helps the team know what to expect and prepare an effective solution.  

“The feedback will get back to us somehow, so staff will pre-emptively tell us that there’s a situation coming up.”

NuBody Concepts uses reputation management to enhance customer experience.

Simply implementing reputation management software not only helped NuBody Concepts receive more customer reviews but also showed them how to improve their customer experience. 

While reviews help improve their online reputation and brand awareness, they’re also vital for helping them develop a customer-centric business. 

Looking to increase the number of reviews you receive? Schedule a consultation with us today. 

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