Customer Feedback Locator For Multi-location Businesses And Franchises

I’m excited to share with you another new feature, specifically for our multi-location, franchise and enterprise customers.  Our new Feedback Locator allows a business with multiple locations to offer one easy page for their customers to select which location they want to leave feedback for.

feedback locator franchise

The Feedback Locator makes it possible to use one link or URL to send your customers into the feedback process.  The customer is able to access which location they are wanting to leave feedback for using a Store / Location ID number or by our City and State look-up feature.

store locator

This is a great way to offer an easy customer feedback channel on your website from any page.  This new feature is perfect to use in combination with your customer feedback request emails and the other proactive ways you are asking for feedback.

How To Best Use The Feedback Locator

  1.  Ask us to enable for your account (you must have 4 or more locations)
  2.  Customize the locator with your branding, colors and background photo
  3.  Link to your locator’s URL with a “Feedback” link in your header, footer or both
  4.  Create a redirect to your locator URL so that goes there
  5.  Create signage or print materials letting customers know they can visit to give customer feedback

Don’t Make Customers Work To Give Feedback

As a consumer, I have grown frustrated many times over trying to find out HOW or WHERE I can give a business feedback.  We recommend using a simple “Feedback”, “Customer Feedback” or “Give Us Your Opinion” link on their website.  More often than not you have to guess, hunt and spend many clicks to get to some bloated contact or feedback form.  That’s just bad business.


Our locator makes this process clear, simple and helps you listen to your customers.  Once the customer selects the location they are taken to our normal Feedback Landing Page to answer the Net Promoter Score rating question, survey questions if enabled and the ability to leave you feedback to the GetFiveStars platform.

If a customer has something to say and is taking the initiate to find out how to tell you, you should make it BEYOND EASY for them to do so.  Adding layers, friction or a 20 question survey when they just want to be heard is a bad idea.

Head Off Negative Reviews

With the handful of accounts already using the Feedback Locator we have witnessed that this feedback channel captures complaints early … before a consumer might head off to Yelp or Google to be heard.  Hitting your website and seeing you want to hear feedback and that it’s easy to leave it gives them a possible path to resolution with you.  You win and your customer wins too.

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