Using Your Favorite Email Service With GetFiveStars

Do you already have an email service you use to communicate with your customers?

No problem! GetFiveStars provides a “mail merge” type integration with your favorite email service. Each business location in GetFiveStars has it’s very own customer feedback URL, which you can find in your customer dashboard (here’s how).

This takes your customer to a feedback page for your business. This URL is handy for including in your email, on thank you cards, on your website, or anywhere you want.

customer feedback page
GetFiveStars Feedback Page

If you want to pre-fill the customer info, you can do that by passing the name and email address as parameters to that URL. This way the customer doesn’t have to fill those in or even worry about it. (click for tutorial).

Here’s how it works in MailChimp:

MailChimp editor
Adding GetFiveStars link into MailChimp Editor

And here’s what a sample email looks like:

MailChimp and GetFiveStars integration
Example MailChimp Email with Feedback Link

You can use this with other email service providers like AWeber, Constant Contact, and others too.

Have you used GetFiveStars with your favorite email service provider or CRM system? We’d love to hear about it!

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