Facebook Reviews Bolster Facebook Recommendations

Since it’s release last October, Facebook’s Recommendations feature has been a mainstay in many Facebook feeds (mine included).  The feature was a brilliant move by Facebook to augment and capitalize on something that users were already doing on their own.  Asking friends for a recommendation.

facebook recommendations reviews

The Recommendation feature enhanced the questions users were already asking their friends and made it more valuable.  When friends answer your question of “Who is a great accountant for my taxes in Portland?” your friends can answer and Facebook will add a preview of that business’s Facebook page and add all of the suggestions to a map.

Facebook Reviews Are Icing On The Cake

No doubt your friends personal recommendation is what you really want and will trust, but it can really help a business to have their Facebook reviews with a great score when posted.

The page preview that Facebook posts includes the business name, address, average cost/price (in dollar signs) and their reviews. This really furthers the importance of reviews on your Facebook page.

facebook reviews preview

Need A Second Source?  It’s Likely Reviews

I have watched some posts take on a life of their own with the poster getting 10, 15 or even 30 recommendations from friends for the question they asked.  What’s a person to do with so many options? I’d guess they would likely look at their review ratings to see what others using that business think.

facebook reviews tattoos

The example above had a consumer asking for a tattoo shop and it had 16 recommendations.

Get Quality Facebook Reviews

The great news is that Facebook reviews are much easier to earn than Google or Yelp reviews. Just about everyone has a Facebook account and consumers seem to be much more willing to share their opinion with friends there.  Having a great rating on Facebook will make your business stand out in multiple places.

I’d also suggest you complete your profile and have a profile pic so that shows in your page preview as well, or you’ll just have a gray place holder. That won’t help you stand out or earn trust.

You Don’t Need Facebook Reviews If Everyone Loves You

One example I came across that I just had to share is a business owners dream.  In my town of about 20,000 people, a user asked on a community group page for an appliance repair person.  As you can see below, every person had the same answer, Hurley Appliance Repair.  So if everyone loves your business, maybe your need for reviews is less … but I’d suggest Jane sets up her Facebook page, profile picture and asks some of these fans to leave her a review, she has a lot of fans to help her out!


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