GetFiveStars Release Notes – January 2017

We’ve been working on a number of smaller changes and edits in the platform of late, let’s take a look under the hood.

mechanic tools

In addition to the items listed below, we’ve put a lot of time into a couple of big feature changes and enhancements to the platform.  It’s getting harder to contain our excitement on these; you will see some great new reporting options and the introduction of SMS / Text feedback requests very soon.

In the meantime, here are some of the changes that have rolled live recently:

1- Line break on words, rather than characters in customer list.
In the Customer List, we weren’t formatting the feedback text as well as we could, and some of the line-breaks weren’t right. We’ve cleaned that up, and other formatting too. The result is more information in the Customer List that is easier to scan and read.

Customer List screenshot
Better formatting for the feedback and testimonials in the customers list

2- Feedback response is from logged in user rather than account owner.
Previously, when you responded to customer feedback publicly or privately, the response always came from the business owner. Many of you asked for that to come from the user you are logged in as. So we made that change. (You can also just check a box to make it still come from the owner, which is useful for agencies who are responding on behalf of the business.)

3- Add created date to Avvo reviews.
Previously, Avvo did not return the review date in their API results. Now they’ve added it, and we are showing the date in the Online Review reports (something that many of you requested!)

4- Hide address and phone number on feedback page.
For those of you with service area businesses, you can choose to not show the phone number and address on the feedback page now.

5- Allow white-label account owner to edit their “help” section.
If you are white-labeling and reselling GetFiveStars, you can now customize your help section.

6- Copy/Paste feedback text in the feedback page and follow-up email.
This feature existed before December, but many people didn’t know about it because we didn’t communicate it very effectively. Here’s a video showing how it works.

7- Added seven more sites that you can ask for reviews from.
The list of over 100 sites you can ask for reviews on now includes Bankrate,, CanadaStays, Agingcare, GoodReads, Highya and Cratejoy.

8. Revised In-app Messages
Within the app we will be delivering more notices to help keep you in the loop on new features, edits, changes and other details.  Be on the look out for them.

In App Message Notifications
Example of an in-app message notification

Monthly Webinars To Catch It All

A great way to stay on top of these changes and learn more every month on customer feedback is by joining our webinars.  Register for our monthly webinar now.  In addition to signing up for the next one we have past webinars listed on the page as well as our YouTube account, which you should subscribe to.


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