New Feature: Twitter Monitoring

NOTE: As of September 29, 2023 GatherUp no longer provides Twitter authorization, social sharing, or reporting.

We are excited to announce we have added Twitter monitoring for our Pro, Pro Plus and Executive Plan customers.  Basic Plan customers can take advantage of this new feature by upgrading to our Pro Plan which includes SMS feedback requests and the ability to monitor 10 review sites.

Then with Covid and other issues lots of staff now work from home but you can utilise employee computer monitoring so that you can track their activity and be sure of what they are doing.

In our never ending quest to bring efficiency to building and managing your reputation online, you can now monitor Twitter for up to five keywords.  Monitor your brand mentions by adding any user handles (example: @getfivestars), hashtags or keywords.

Twitter Monitoring Report Set-up

This new feature is already in the platform for customers on our Pro Plan and up. This feature is available at the “location level”, once in a location profile just click on Reports in the platform and select Twitter Report.

Your first step is to click the “Edit” button to add in your keywords to monitor.

twitter monitoring

Enter in up to five (5) keywords, hashtags or Twitter handles, in any combination, that you want to monitor.  Enter just one at a time and hit the “Add” button.  You will see them created below under “Currently Monitoring” and you can remove them by clicking the “x”.

add twitter keywords

One you have added those the report will populate within an hour displaying the tweets mentioning your monitored terms.


The Twitter Report will update hourly in the platform.



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