GetFiveStars Release Notes for October 2017

Now that we’re heading into fall, let’s take a look at some of the capabilities we’ve been adding to GetFiveStars to help you build even better relationships with your customers. Thank you for all of your great suggestions and ideas. You can see our past history of release notes here.

Turbo-charged Testimonials Widget

We’ve completely overhauled our testimonials widget, and now it is 100% JavaScript and works on any platform – including WordPress, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, ASP.Net or any other content management system you may be using.


It is also much faster now. If you are not using our testimonials widget to show 1st party reviews on your website with rich snippets markup, you are missing out! More details in our blog post here.

New review monitoring sites

We now offer over 24 sites that you can monitor for online reviews.  The new additions include BBB, Houzz, Healthgrades, Glassdoor and many more. See this link for a full list of sites available for review monitoring.

review monitoring

Other new capabilities and fixes:

  • Performance enhancements for labels – we sped up the performance of the business dashboard with many locations and labels, so now it is super fast if you are using many labels to organize lots of locations.
  • Added survey score columns to business report – now the downloadable business report has columns for the survey question scores. Also added columns for rating only vs written feedback so you can tell what type of feedback was left more easily.
  • Added new filter to the Customer Dashboard – to show requests that were opened, but no feedback was left.
  • Short URL for SMS feedback requests – changed Feedback URL to short URL for SMS messages so now you have more room for your message.
  • New Integrations Page – added a new integrations page to the Website –
  • Out of beta with Zapier – we are now officially out of beta with our Zapier integration! We’ve added new triggers and Zap templates for Mailchimp and other integrations. Expect our list to keep growing as we add new actions, triggers and templates.
  • Fixes to Read Only User role – previously, the Read Only user role was not truly read only. There were a few settings and actions that could be turned on. We cleaned this up now, so a Read Only user can only view and not change anything.
  • Added account name, location name, address and date to the Performance Report.
  • White-label footer branding for testimonials widget, badge and emails.
  • Removed the mailto: link from the feedback alerts and replaced with a direct link to leave a private response.
  • Made Testimonials Widget URL clickable – so you can test out the URL directly from the settings screen instead of having to copy and paste it. It’s the little things…
  • Reply alerts for public and private feedback responses – Any alerts for when a customer replies to a Private or Public response were going to the “Business Owner”. Now the email alert goes to the User email that actually left the private or public response in the first place.
  • Automatically set business time zone when business is created – this was manual previously.
  • Swedish translation – now all customer facing screens and emails are available in Swedish.

Beta – Feedback Mode Switching

We’re beta testing a huge new feature, which allows you to optimize the system to emphasize what type of feedback you are looking for. You can easily switch between these 3 new modes that each have different steps and options – and tune the system to get the results you want.

Feedback request mode selection

We’re very excited about this capability, and think you will like it too! If you want to be part of the beta, just let us know and we will get you set up.

Beta – Google Review Responses

Another new capability we’re beta testing is the ability to respond to Google reviews right from within the Reviews Report. You can authenticate your Google My Business account, and then track and respond to Google Reviews right from within GetFiveStars.

Google Review Reply

We’re looking for beta testers now, so let us know if you want to try it out.

Ok, that’s all for this month. We take your ideas and feedback seriously, and love adding and improving capabilities in GetFiveStars every month. Did we miss your favorite feature or idea? Please let us know!

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