Review Sprinkles And Your Customer Feedback Cake

I watch my kids pick out donuts, cupcakes and cake, it’s all about the sprinkles.  I talk with marketers, managers and small business owners about our customer feedback platform, it’s all about the reviews.  While online reviews and sprinkles are exciting, attract eyes and help sell the product, don’t miss the all the great layers in the customer feedback cake.

Reviews are sprinkles on a cake

The Layers Of The Customer Feedback Cake

With GetFiveStars there are many “layers” to the customer feedback cake.  As much as anything, this post is to remind you of the value in a good customer feedback process.  It’s not to minimize online reviews at all (because they matter!), it’s just a friendly reminder to invest in all of the aspects that can be part of your quest to get online reviews.

Let’s look at a few of the layers, why they matter and how they can help your business.

1- Asking every customer.  When you ask every customer for feedback you are accomplishing something many businesses fail at and that’s having a proactive conversation with your customer.  You’re not waiting to see if they give you feedback, were ecstatic, satisfied or disappointed, you are asking them first.  A Help Scout post on customer service shared that a typical business only hears from 4% of their unhappy customers.

customer feedback stat

You are letting them know you care and want to always improve.  You need to be asking every customer for feedback.

2- Capturing your Net Promoter Score.  Compiling and evaluating your Net Promoter Score offers your business a simple and clear evaluation on how your customers feel about your business.  NPS brings you a data point to your customers sentiment, trust and opinion about your business.  It’s something you can share with your staff and work to improve.

At GetFiveStars we’ve done studies on the relation of NPS to online reviews and businesses with a higher NPS get more feedback and more online reviews.

3- Heading off bad experiences and reviews. When you proactively ask customers to share with you, you can often find out about problems or customer issues before they share it with friends or the world in a negative online review.  Giving your customer a place to communicate with you allows you to own the problem, correct it and ensure a satisfied customer.

4- Respond To Online Reviews.  We monitor online reviews hitting the web about your business, so when a negative review hits you can do something about it.  It makes sense to work to resolve a customer issue for the main fact it can change their opinion about your business, but it can also cause a customer to update their review.

Many review sites like Google and Yelp allow reviews to be updated.  In the example below you can see that Seattle Boat did an amazing job of satisfying their frustrated customer.  Not only was he satisfied, he was impressed and his 1-star review was updated to a 5-star review.

Google review updated

5- Leverage Customer Testimonials.  GetFiveStars users tell me all the time how they love the customer generated content we provide them in testimonials they can market and use.  Today’s customer is looking for the opinion and experience of other customers to aid in their decision to engage or buy.  This customer generated content can be an unbelievable weapon in your marketing and testimonials have shown to impact customers.

Not only does GetFiveStars capture testimonials for you, we help you display them on your website with ease.  Our Testimonial Widget embeds within your website and allows for testimonials to automatically flow to your website.

Testimonial widget

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

Hopefully I’ve helped reinforce or helped you realize all of the benefits in a solid customer feedback process.  In my opinion, when you stay focused on great customer service, getting feedback and improving, the online reviews will come.  When you press and only focus on getting online reviews it becomes difficult, frustrating and you miss out on some amazing cake in the process.

5 Replies to “Review Sprinkles And Your Customer Feedback Cake”

  1. robert hili says:

    Hi Aaron, your “sprinkle” story is awesome!
    Your 5 points have just sparked the fire in the belly.
    Just last night i mentioned the power of reputation management to a large company here in australia because he was asking for reviews via “survey monkey” in regards to his sales reps. I asked him what he did with the reviews and mentioned that he could make them very powerful by using a system to promote the great work on review sites as well.
    He just wrote back a page letter, intrigued and keen to learn more.
    Your post above is perfect for me to share with him on the topic.
    I am only new to the whole concept of reviews and it is blowing my mind.
    The statistics you share are incredibly powerful. Everytime I read another statistic I turn to my wife and say ” thats exactly what we do!”
    As above, we don’t make complaints over the internet, but we tell our friends and would never go back. The 90 % plus figure is great.
    I am going to make reputation management my main service next year and plan on becoming an expert.
    The information you provide and share will help me greatly I am sure so keep up with the great stories, ideas to promote and case studies…cheers rob

    1. Aaron Weiche says:

      Rob- Thanks for your comments and energy. I’m glad this connected with you and I’ll do my best to keep my writing going. It is amazing to to grasp the amount of feedback a customer might never share with a business, but will with so many others. It’s so important to try to get as much of that as a business to know where to improve.

  2. New User says:

    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for the information about getting customer feedback. You said you did studies with the NPS score and how that scores ties to the actual number of reviews the business is getting. I would love to know what those numbers are so I know if I need to update my follow up email to clients to help get actual reviews online.

    I’d also love a blog post showcasing the best or top 5 follow up emails that obtained the top number of get five stars online reviews in 2015 or to date are.

    I am getting 64% percentage of our client taking the first 1-10 rating survey and our NPS score is high at 94%. But my actual number of reviews that clients create online is very very low.

    Sent out 255 surveys
    64% opened it and took the one question rate us 1-10 survey
    94% NPS score. Meaning almost every single survey was a 10 out of 10 rating.

    But I have had just two reviews, out of the 255 surveys sent out.

    1. Aaron says:


      Fantastic questions and ones that many businesses want to understand and know more about. For this reason I pulled my answers into a blog post! Here is a Customer Spotlight on your questions and my answers: Thanks Steve!

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