The Best Way to Ask Your Customers for a Google Review: 5 Actionable Tips + Examples

Your local business needs Google reviews to build trust, generate interest, and convert new customers. But even though some of your customers may leave reviews on their own, unprompted, proactively asking for reviews is a better bet. Plus, requesting a review is a great way to engage your customers and establish a more personal relationship with them that can lead to greater loyalty.

You’ll need to set up a Google Business Profile first. Once you do, you can go to the “Ask for reviews” area in your profile where you can get a link to share with your customers. That link is the one you’re going to use for your requests.

Read on to learn how to ask for a Google review using several different methods — with example language you can borrow. 

1. Send a text

Asking customers for a review via SMS (or text message) is an increasingly popular way to do it, especially since consumers are more comfortable interacting with businesses by text these days. Before you text your customers, though, make sure they’ve actually opted in to receive texts from you to meet SMS compliance. If they haven’t opted in, don’t bother them.

For those who have opted in, send a brief text — 120 characters or less to adhere to best practices — that includes the link where they can leave the Google review. Always include an opt-out or unsubscribe option if they don’t want to get texts from you anymore.

Here’s how to ask customers for a review by SMS:

Looks like you recently bought [product]. How do you like it?
Leave a review and let us know: [review link]
Reply STOP to end.


Here’s how to ask for a review if you have two-way texting capabilities — i.e., the customer can answer and carry on a back-and-forth conversation:

  • Business: Hi [customer name]. We appreciated the opportunity to cater your last event. How did it go?
  • Customer: It went well, thanks!
  • Business: We’re happy to hear that. If you have a minute, could you leave us a review and share your positive experience?
  • Customer: Sure! 
  • Business: Great! Here’s the link: [review link]. Just click, type, and send. We really appreciate it!
  • Customer: Thanks, will do.
  • Business: Thanks again. We look forward to working with you again soon. Reply STOP to end.

Here’s how to follow up on a review request sent by text:

  • Business: Hi [customer name]. We recently shared a link with you where you can give us a review. Did you receive it?
  • Customer: Yes
  • Business: Are you still interested in leaving a review? If so, we’d really appreciate it.
  • Customer: Yes, I’ll do that now.
  • Business: Thank you! Reply STOP to end.

2. Send an email

Asking for a Google review by email is another method that’s relatively simple and easy to personalize. When customers make a purchase, make sure to add their email to your customer list, then send a follow-up email with the review request. To save time, you can even create a reusable template and just fill in the customer’s details, such as their name and the product or service they purchased, or the store they visited.

Provide a quick step or two for how to leave the review and include the link in the email. It’s important to make it as quick and simple as possible so the customer will actually do it. Giving them too many hoops to jump through or too many steps to follow will quickly turn them off.

Here’s how to ask customers for a review by email using a reusable template:

Hi [customer name]:
How was your recent shopping experience at [store location]?
We’d love to hear from you. Just click the link below and leave us a review:
[review link]
Thank you for being a valued customer!
The team at [brand or business name]

Here’s how to ask for a review if you have a long-time or personal relationship with the customer:

Hi [customer name]!

It was great to see you in the store the other day. [Employee name] said you were really happy with your purchase since you’d been on the hunt for a long time for that particular [product]. I’m so happy we had what you were looking for.

If you have a minute, would you mind giving us a review? You’re one of our favorite customers and when you have a positive experience, it really matters to us.

It’s super easy. Just click this link: [review link] Type your response and hit submit. That’s all!

We’d really appreciate it.

And I look forward to seeing you again soon.

[Business owner’s name]


3. Provide a QR code

A creative way to ask for a Google review is to provide a QR (Quick Response) code that customers can scan with their smartphone. QR codes became more common during the pandemic, and restaurants and retailers still widely use them today. You can use a QR code generator to create your code and then place it on product packaging, signs or brochures in your store, menus, or even your website.

One of the benefits of QR codes is that the customer doesn’t have to take the extra step of clicking on a link or searching for a URL. With one quick action, they scan the code and land directly on the review link. This also makes it easy for them to leave a review in the moment — and not save it til later when they might forget.

Here’s how to ask for a Google review with a QR code:

How was your experience with us today?
We welcome your feedback.
Scan the QR code to leave us a quick review.
[QR code]

4. Ask for a Google review in your customer portal

If you run a service-based business and have a customer portal linked to your main website, you can display a review link when customers first login to their account. Make sure it appears prominently at the top of the customer’s account or include it in a popup window. As with every other method listed here, make it as simple and easy as possible for customers to click on it and leave a review.

While posting the review link on your home page is also a good idea, putting it in your customer portal allows you to get your request directly in front of individual customers anytime they login. This way, you don’t have to assume they’ll notice the review link elsewhere on your site.

Here’s how to ask for a review in your customer portal:

Welcome back, [customer name].
Happy with your most recent service?
Let us know how we’re doing.
Click the link to leave a review: [review link]

5. Ask for a Google review in person

Finally, don’t underestimate the value of asking customers for a review in person after a positive interaction. When the purchase or service experience is fresh in the customer’s mind, it’s a great time to seize the moment. Employees at checkout can hand customers a receipt with a review link circled at the bottom, or give them a business brochure or coupon that includes the link. Any little nudge can inspire a satisfied customer to post a positive review.

You as the business owner, or a trusty sales rep, can also make the request in person, especially if you have a good relationship with the customer. It’s another personalized touch point that makes customers feel appreciated and therefore more inclined to leave a review when asked.

Here’s how to ask for a Google review in person that could go something like this:

  • Customer: Thank you so much. The service was great today.
  • Employee / sales rep: That’s fantastic. I’m so glad we did a good job for you. And hey, if you’re comfortable with it, we’d love it if you could give us a review.
  • Customer: Yeah, I could probably do that.
  • Employee / sales rep: Great. It only takes a minute — nothing complicated at all. Here’s where you can go [points out the review link on the sales receipt]. We’d really appreciate it.
  • Customer: So I just go online to do this?
  • Employee / sales rep: Yep! That link takes you directly to a box where you can just type in your review and then hit submit. That’s all!
  • Customer: OK, thanks. I’ll check it out!

Ask for Google reviews and get a boost to your business

Remember, waiting for reviews to come in isn’t always the best strategy. When you proactively ask customers for reviews, you increase your chances of getting more. And the more positive Google reviews your business has, the more likely it is that potential customers will like what they see and convert. Just make sure you reply to every review to help build and maintain business credibility. 
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