GetFiveStars 2014 Year In Review


2014 was an exciting year at GetFiveStars. We created out first “explainer video”, launched a bunch of new features, added key members to the team, and introduced our Customer Webinar Series.

It is our sincere hope that we’ve helped to make your business better this year, with a new product feature that you needed, or a tip shared on the blog or some interaction we’ve had with you. We’ve learned a lot from our customers and friends too, and want to take a minute to reflect on 2014, and share what we see ahead in 2015 too.

Product Updates

light-bulb_64We’ve been busy! In 2014 we launched over 100 product updates based on customer feedback and requirements, industry trends and our research as well.

When we release new features, our imperative is to keep the product simple to use, and continuously improve the user experience making it easier for you to get results with the minimum amount of work possible.

Here are a some highlights of what we launched this past year:

Customer Webinars

screen_64We started doing customer webinars this fall, and they were a hit! In the webinars did demos and walkthroughs for all the new features, provided SEO and online review best practices based on our research, and answered your questions.

Here are links to our first two:

GetFiveStars Customer Webinar #1

GetFiveStars Customer Webinar #2

Going forward, we will do a customer webinar every month. Watch your email for invites!


help_64Our User Guide is intended to be a resource with tutorials, screenshots, videos and best practices.

In 2014, we added 117 posts and 335 screenshots. We will continue to update this regularly with new tips and tutorials to help you get the most out of GetFiveStars and your customer feedback and online review strategy.

Customer Traction

heart_642014 was a big growth year for us. We have thousands of locations managed now- customers ranging from individual location businesses, to online marketing agencies managing hundreds of clients, to large franchise businesses with thousands of locations.

It has truly been a privilege getting to know you, understand the issues you are facing and to do what we can to help.

What’s Next?

map2_64We’re planning on an even better 2015! I’m very excited for what lies ahead this next year.

We are dialed-in to continue our monthly customer webinars, share lots more best practices and videos on our blog, and add tons of new capabilities to help you get more customer feedback, online reviews and referrals.

Thank You

I’d just like to thank all of our customers for making 2014 a great year. We truly value the opportunity to work with you and create the very best product we can to help you build better relationships with your customers.

Don, Mike, Thomas, and the rest of your friendly GetFiveStars team



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