Announcing TextBack: User-Activated Reviews Via Text

With busy lifestyles, bold headlines, and near-constant connectivity, the competition to engage consumers is fierce. But, by putting the customer in control with our latest feature TextBack, you can benefit from their connectivity.

GatherUp has long offered outbound SMS requests to request reviews from known customers, those that have phone numbers in their customer profiles, but TextBack is different. TextBack is an inbound SMS channel with instant review access for your customers right from their phone.

TextBack is an invitation to your customer to provide user-activated feedback and reviews via text. It’s simple, quick, and gives customers access to your business in-the-moment so you know exactly when what happens.

TextBack Gives Customers What They Want

Consumers want to be able to communicate via text and SMS from their phone. A recent study shows 71% of 30- to 44-year-olds and 65% of 18- to 29-year-olds said they would text a business more frequently if they had the opportunity.

TextBack offers a customer real-time entry into the review process from their mobile phone using a keyword and phone number provided by your business location.

A customer sees this invitation (signage, receipt, flyer, etc) and takes action by sending a keyword text (our default is “feedback”, but you can add a custom one) to your TextBack number. Then, GatherUp auto-replies with a text message giving your customer easy access to the feedback and review process.

Depending on the Request Mode you are using in GatherUp, TextBack will help you capture Net Promoter Score (NPS), Survey questions, 1st-party reviews and 3rd-party reviews on sites like Google, Trip Advisor, and Facebook.

Why Text Works For Customer Feedback & Review Participation

You can increase participation in your feedback and review request process by inviting customers to do something they already do a lot… use their phone. The average consumer checks their phone every 12 minutes and puts in a total of 4+ hours of screen time every day.

When you offer TextBack you can utilize a consumers own device, and habitual phone use, to give them instant access to your review and feedback process.

Where Other Solutions Fail, TextBack Succeeds

No email? No phone number? No problem. TextBack offers a way for your business to connect with unknown customers when you don’t have their digits or email. It turns marketing, transactions, and environments into review request opportunities for your business. Invite your customers to contact you by displaying your TextBack number and keyword in a variety of channels.


Think about what your customers see at your business location… and know that they likely have their phone handy. Displaying your TextBack number in the line of sight of your customers can help you reach those you couldn’t otherwise, and serves as a convenient entry point for all customers to give feedback.

  • Billboards
  • Signage in waiting areas
  • Table signage
  • Floor signage
  • Point of purchase signage


Purchases create a transaction. Transactions create a receipt. Receipts create an opportunity to deliver a TextBack invitation to your customer. Add your TextBack number and keyword to receipts generated by your current systems to fast track customers into the feedback and review process.

  • Paper receipts
  • Email confirmations and receipts


There are many uses for flyers in business. With a quick design update or sticker, turn your business flyers into an invitation to your customers to give feedback and reviews using TextBack.

  • Programs
  • Inserts
  • Coupons

On-Site Staff

Turn real-time conversations into feedback and online reviews by providing staff with small cards that list your TextBack number and keyword to invite customers to provide feedback. For increased attention, add TextBack to materials that include other useful information.

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Coupons
  • Business Cards
  • Product Specification Documents
  • Samples

TextBack Helps Capture Customer Emails And Mobile Numbers, Not Just Reviews

Use TextBack to capture contact information (name, phone, and email) to build your customer list and enable future communication. TextBack is perfect for industries where capturing a customer’s email or phone number is difficult or not part of the normal process. Get creative displaying your TextBack number across different channels and in different ways to drive your customers to take action.

Get Started With TextBack

It’s easy to get started with TextBack. If you are not yet a GatherUp customer, sign-up on our Pro Plan or higher to start capturing inbound SMS feedback and reviews. If you are already a customer but not on our Pro Plan or higher, you can upgrade from our Basic Plan with these quick instructions.



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