GetFiveStars Release Notes – April 2016

Whew – March was a big month for us! In addition to the privilege of adding lots of new customers and some deep integrations with our partners, we were hard at work shipping several exciting new features. Here is a summary of the new capabilities we released in March:

Testimonials Badge

Many of you asked for the ability to feature your testimonials on different areas of your website. We listened – this new badge provides a nice summary of your testimonials, and allows you to link to your testimonials page. It’s easy to do – just go to Testimonials Widget Settings, grab the code snippet, and paste it on your website! (here’s a screen shot tutorial)

Testimonials Widget

In the past, the testimonials widget would show five testimonials, and paginate the rest. One of our product goals is to help you leverage your hard earned testimonial content – this is unique content generated by your customers – all over your website. Now you can choose how many you want to display on your website before it paginates the results, allowing for more content to show and be indexed by Google.


Ratings to the Tenth Power

The testimonials widget rating display will now calculate and display your rating to the tenth, improving from our old format of rounding up. So in the past you may have seen an average rounded to 5, when it should have been 4.8. Its important to show these granular ratings, because customers trust them more. This blog post has more details and screen shots.

QuickBooks Online Integration (and over 500 other apps!)

One of the keys to successfully getting more feedback and online reviews from your customers is automating the follow up process. Many of you are using invoicing tools like QuickBooks Online or Freshbooks already. We’ve created an integration with the popular Zapier service, which allows you to automatically send feedback requests based on actions in apps like QuickBooks Online. For example, you can quickly and easily create a new feedback request each time you create an invoice in QuickBooks Online, or whenever a new customer is created. It’s easily configurable, and no coding is required! (more details here)
quickbooks integration

New Online Reviews API

Our current API allows you to request the testimonials for any of your business locations. This is frequently used by customers who want to do custom integrations with their content management systems across many locations. We’ve added a new API that will also allow you to get your online reviews from Google, Facebook or other sites in case you want to include those reviews as well.

Captive WiFi Portal Beta

This is an exciting new capability we’re testing. It allows you to add a simple device at your store location that offers free WiFi to your customers. It allows you to offer a special to them in exchange for their email address so you can follow up with them after the visit. The customer is then automatically added to your GetFiveStars Customer Dashboard, thus automating the process of collecting your customer email addresses and asking for feedback. We are beta testing this now in the field with several locations and initial results are great. We should be ready to make it available in the next 4-6 weeks.

As always, we love to hear your suggestions on things we can do to make GetFiveStars a better experience and better value for you. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your ideas and suggestions!

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p.s. The first week of each month, we will be publishing these “release notes” to share with you the new features and capabilities we’ve released. We also cover these in our monthly webinars, where we show demos and answer questions about them.

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