Review Stars And Ratings To The Tenth Power

We’ve just released an exciting update to our ratings and reviews calculations for the Testimonial Widget.  The widget rating display will now calculate and display your rating to the tenth, improving from our old format of rounding up.

review star ratings

In our never-ending quest to provide you with the best customer feedback and online review platform possible we heard our customers requesting the most accurate rating accrual possible for their customer’s feedback.  We also understand from industry research the benefits and trust of a great 4.something rating, more so than a perfect 5 star rating.

Our past rating calculation rounded up to their nearest whole number, but the new calculation is exact to the tenth.

Customer Rating Examples

Since your customers rate you using the NPS scoring system (0-10), our platform halves that rating to produce their 5-star scale rating.  So a customer that answers the NPS question with an 8 is then a 4 in the star scale.  Now, those customers that rated you a 9 are a 4.5, whereas they used to get rounded up to a 5.

4 star review rating

Each individual rating is now following an exact reduction from the 10 point scale to the 5 star scale producing half star ratings.

Testimonial Widget New Rating Example

With your individual customers providing ratings on a 5 point/star scale, the Testimonial Widget is now scoring your customer ratings to the tenth.  For many of you this will result in your overall Testimonial Widget rating adjusting automatically.  A good mix of 4 star reviews and up will produce a strong 4.5-4.9 rating, something that customers can trust and is accurate.

Our client Kai Kanani shows off an impressive 4.9 rating for their over 240 customer testimonials displayed on their widget for their Maui snorkeling and boat tours.

Testimonial ratings

Show Off Your Stars

The Testimonial Widget is a great way to bring customer content, testimonials and ratings right to your potential customers on your website.  If you need help adding the Testimonial Widget to your website, start here with our user guide post on it.  You even have the opportunity to achieve rich-snippet review stars in your Google search results.

We hope you love the new improvement to the rating system and stay tuned for more features and updates to GetFiveStars in the coming weeks!

About The Author

Aaron Weiche is the CEO of GatherUp, a customer feedback and online review platform. Aaron is a digital marketing veteran of over 20 years growing digital agencies in executive roles. Aaron helped found MnSearch, is a partner at Local University, speaks internationally on reviews, search marketing, web design and mobile.

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