Case Study: US Storage Centers Is Using Reviews To Edge Out Competitors

US Storage Centers CMO Jason Lopez understands the marketing power of customer reviews. With over 120 locations nationwide, they are far from the smallest, but they compete with massive storage companies every day for their next customer and know that how a prospective customer sees their brand online is incredibly important.

“All of our competitors are super sharp. They’re good at what they do and I have a lot of respect for them. So to compete in this market—sometimes against companies that are 5x larger than us—we need our online reputation to stand out.”

Jason Lopez, CMO, US Storage Centers

As a result of using GatherUp to gather, manage, and market their customer’s experience, US Storage Centers has achieved the results they needed… driving Google reviews up over 167% to reach over 31,000 total reviews for the brand. Additionally, GatherUp helped tens of thousands of customers provide direct feedback and 1st-party reviews to US Storage Centers.

Google review request NPS

More Than Reviews, A Customer Connection

While generating online reviews shows up on the surface when using GatherUp, Jason has realized the biggest value is in having a strategy to improve, connect, and interact with your customers.

“GatherUp has greatly impacted our ability to respond to our customers,” Jason says. “For example, if we see that someone has given us a low rating—a seven or an eight out of ten—we’re able to get in front of them quickly and try to understand and resolve the problem.”

Jason Lopez, CMO, US Storage Centers

To meet customer experience, feedback, and online review challenges US Storage Systems used GatherUp to:

  • Quickly launch a short, impactful post-experience survey and review request
  • Capture both 1st-party and 3rd-party reviews for insight and online marketing
  • Monitor 3rd-party review sites for new reviews
  • Display review content on local store pages to boost SEO, social proof and obtain review rich snippets using our Review Widget
Review display widget
Review ratings display on every US Storage location page.
Review widget
One click lets you read the review and rating from each customer.

Service Drives US Storage Centers And GatherUp

In the case study, Jason hits upon an important fact we see across most reviews.

“Our market is very price sensitive. However, we quickly realized that you almost never find a five-star review that focuses on price — it’s almost always about service.”

Jason Lopez, CMO, US Storage Centers

Service is paramount and we understand that at GatherUp. While we have amazing technology, we know that it’s customer service (you’ll see that in our own reviews) that really creates a successful partnership.

“The people at GatherUp are authentic, open, and responsive. They’ve got a process and their approach is to help other people do business better. I appreciate that.”

Jason Lopez, CMO, US Storage Centers

Download The Case Study

Here is the full case study for US Storage Centers and GatherUp. You can also access previous case studies and ebooks on our downloads page.

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