Cool Google SMB Review Marketing Tool

First noticed by Chris Barnard, the owner of, Google is offering up this very slick way for a small business to leverage their Google reviews – a tool that allows them to print a large poster of their positive review snippets.

Available at, a business simply starts typing their business name and selects it from a list. In its simplest mode, they are offered a list of review snippets and 3 design layouts to choose from. Click, Click you have a full poster sized graphic that can then be printed.

There are several options that allow for more reviews and a slightly modified layout as well.

The biggest stumbling block will be having access to a large enough format printer so as to be able to the impressive results shown in the tool.


About The Author

Mike Blumenthal is a co-founder of GatherUp and helps oversee our research, industry insight and agency offering. Mike has long been regarded as the foremost expert on local search and Google Maps, earning the nickname “Professor Maps”. Mike also co-founded Local University, which provides small business and agency training in sustainable local search marketing. His motto: All Local All the Time.  He writes at his blog and does a twice a week LocalU podcast about Local marketing. 

7 Replies to “Cool Google SMB Review Marketing Tool”

  1. This doesn’t seem to work for me. The business never shows up in the search field. I wonder if they are not listing SAB’s that don’t show an address.

  2. Great images that are fast and easy to share. It would be nice to be able to select the review you want to use, or edit out lengthy reviews to only highlight the best words.

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