Customer Love

On this day of Valentines, we just wanted to take a minute to emphasize a few things.

customer love

Number 1, we love our customers

We are lucky, humbled and inspired to work with you and for you each day.  It’s amazing to help you achieve success in your business.  You are insurance agents, chefs, dog walkers, doctors, lawyers, Realtors, handymen and hundreds of other amazing professions and you trust us to help improve your business and marketing.

You might be a small business owner, a CEO, a CMO, head of digital marketing or an SEO, but you have a quest to listen to your customers and improve your business. It’s our core belief, that we can help you build a better business.

Number 2, listening to your customers shows you love them

When you show your customers that you value and desire their feedback, you are creating a healthy cycle of communication that benefits both sides.

Ratings, comments, reviews and insight stream into your account letting you know where you stand with your customer.  It’s the modern day version of the grade school note asking “Do you like me? Check Yes or No”.

like me note

Didn’t Send Out Any Valentines?

If your business was able to drop a card or piece of candy in your customers’ Valentine box today, that’s awesome.  If you didn’t get the chance, we can help you on every other day to show some customer love.

Think about using our service, and putting some love in your customer’s inbox.  Asking someone how they feel is about the best way you can show them you care. We’d love to help you.

Happy Valentines day from our team (please check “yes”).



We'll help you build a better business

Our goal is to help you connect with your customers to gain valuable insight on what’s important to them. While you happy customers will help your marketing, your unhappy customers will point out where you can improve and our system will help you communicate with them to keep them with you.