A “Reviews Only” Diet Makes Your Business Unhealthy

Reviews at 3rd-party sites like Google, Facebook and Trip Advisor are no doubt valuable to your business. Surveys have shown as many as 97% of consumers seek local reviews.

Today’s consumer often finds a business, evaluates them and chooses to work with them thanks to the trust built from their reviews.

reviews alone

With the opportunity to win more business, many are looking to generate online reviews to bolster their marketing and sales. But with that focus comes a danger, and that is only caring about reviews.

If you only ate steak every meal because you loved the taste, your health would soon start to decline because of the absence of so many other nutrients you need with the complement of supplements. Check the best testosterone supplements for you.

If all of your focus is on 3rd-party reviews, then you are leaving valuable customer opinion, suggestions, data and warning signs on the table. Don’t leave your business in this unhealthy position.

A Balanced Approach To Customer Feedback And Reviews

We believe that a smart business will work to gather up their customer’s feedback and opinion in a variety of ways they can use to better their business. In our platform we offer the ability to focus on different outcomes.

The most balanced outcome is using our Ultimate Mode to capture multiple aspects of the customer experience and turn it into data and content you can win with. Let’s take a look.

1- Net Promoter Score

We believe that asking your customer the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question is the single most valuable question you can ask them. “How likely are you to refer our business to a friend or colleague?” is a powerful question. NPS uses a 0 to 10 scoring system for the consumer to respond, then applies the NPS formula.

What it will tell you: How likely your customers are to refer you and how likely they are to stay loyal to your business. We refer to NPS as your “word of mouth” index.

NPS question

Referrals are often a businesses best marketing and top contributor to sales. Make sure you are measuring the likelihood of a customer sending you your next customer.

2 – Survey Questions

The benefit of survey questions is that they allow you to focus on specific elements of your business. Service, staff, pricing and results are all great areas to focus on with survey questions. It’s key to ask only a handful of questions, our research showed 5 questions or less is best according to consumers, but their impact is big.

What it will tell you: You’ll find out how your customer feels on important aspects of your business like wait times, customer service, follow-up and more. Having a score for these important areas will allow you to benchmark, share and work to improve in these areas as a company.

survey question

Quick, focused and easy for the consumer, survey questions will help you understand important areas and details of your business so you can adjust and improve.

3- Customer Feedback

There may be nothing more powerful than simply asking your customer about their experience with your business and letting them speak their mind. While questions to capture NPS or establish average scores on survey questions are super helpful, nothing beats the customer’s opinion in their own words.

What it will tell you: Learn what frustrates, impresses or delights your customer by giving them the opportunity to tell you. In the seconds or minutes they take to type in their feedback, you can gain valuable insight.

customer feedback box

Your customer’s feedback has many bonus opportunities as well.

Feedback from happy customers has many extra benefits. It can be used as a testimonial or a 1st-party review on your own website and marketing materials. It can also surface suggestions from your customers that can really help your business improve a process or outcome.

All of this from just asking them to tell you about their experience, something many customers appreciate the opportunity to do.

A Balanced & Healthy Business Will Produce Even More Positive Reviews

We hope you take a look at your “feedback plate” and fill it full of all of these elements. We know you’ll find it leads to a healthy online reputation, but most of all a healthy and profitable business.

customer feedback

By asking your customers for feedback directly to you, you will also gain anywhere from 5 to 20 times the amount of customer feedback than just asking for a 3rd-party review. That’s an incredible amount of feedback, ratings and insight you won’t have the opportunity to evaluate and use when you only ask for online reviews.

Our goal is to impact your ability to listen to your customers via a number of ways so that you can fine tune your business into one customers will rave about.

These are the types of businesses that earn more fantastic 4-star and 5-star reviews than their competitors because the experience was amazing, not the software that asked them to write a review.

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