Display Replies to Google Reviews on Your Business Website

There is a multitude of reasons replying to reviews benefits your business and now we’ve amplified the impact of replies to Google reviews by automatically displaying them in the Review Widget.

Replying to Google Reviews Extends Their Reach

Google serves reviews with almost every search including star-ratings in search results and reviews in the Google knowledge panel. If your business replies to a review, Google sends an email notification to the customer and displays the response online.

Example of a Response from the owner as displayed by Google

When business replies to customer reviews are publicly displayed, they go beyond benefitting the original poster to influence those who are shopping your brand. This is a huge opportunity for your business to give your reviews an even greater ability to convert customers with replies.

Business Replies to Google Reviews Are Now Displayed in the Review Widget

GatherUp makes it easy to display reviews on your business website including replies to 1st-party reviews. We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded the Review Widget to include business replies to Google reviews.

Example of the Review Widget displaying business replies to Google reviews

This addition multiplies the reach of your response effort x3! One reply from your business to a Google review triggers the following:

If you’re not replying to customer reviews, GatherUp can help. Check out our guide to review responses or sign up on the Pro plan to start monitoring up to 10 review sites for customer reviews today.



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