GatherUp Announces The MozCon 2019 Ticket Winner

We are beyond excited to announce our MozCon 2019 ticket winner from our MozCon review contest. Winning a ticket worth almost $2,000 and 3 full days of SEO and digital marketing greatness at this premier conference is no small win.

We announced our winner, Petra Kraft yesterday on Twitter as her name was drawn from all of our entrants as the winner!

When Petra received our email congratulating her on her win, she was all smiles and a thumbs up as she travels all the way from Austria to Seattle to attend!

Our ticket giveaway was part of our excitement in being a sponsor of MozCon this year and we look forward to meeting Petra and many other attendees in Seattle, July 15-17. Tickets are still available for this event but they won’t last long with this year’s speaker lineup:

… and so many others.

Check out the full lineup and register for MozCon 2019. Congratulations again to Petra. See you in Seattle friends!

Extra Credit Goes To…

It was a random drawing, but we just have to share some of our favorite entries as our contest asked entrants to write a review for their expected 5-star MozCon experience. Some were factual, but many made us laugh. Heck, they made us laugh til we cried! Enjoy the work of these creative individuals.

Sean Bucher put forth a great effort and plenty of humor in his review.

Sean Bucher

If you’re a fan of the 2000’s USA Network hit show “White Collar” and expect to join others from around the globe to celebrate the lovable sidekick and con-artist Mozzie, then you’ll be greatly disappointed by MozCon.

With that being said, I must say… Wow! What an experience. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of knowledge that was shared by the digital marketing experts at MozCon.

While I bummed I wasn’t able to meet actor Willie Garson, I did hear speakers like Britney Muller and Dr. Pete (not sure if he was happy when I asked him to examine my goiter, or if he’s a general physician) share their thoughts on the future of digital, and how SEOs and digital marketers can effectively put into action advanced mark-up and machine learning techniques to grow a website’s online presence.

It reminded me of a White Collar episode “Taking Stock” where Neil (played by Mathew Bomer) and Mozzie plays a major hand in unlocking the secrets to an algorithm used by a stock trader looking to take advantage of some less than fair trading practices.

I feel like an insider now, armed to orchestrate the biggest take-down of all, increasing my ranks in Google to ultimately turn a profit.

I hope MozCon is able to live up to its promise next, but the digital marketing stuff was pretty cool too.

Clair Carlile got our attention with her emoji usage, and took the top emoji use title with three. If you look at her twitter handle that’s no surprise.

Claire Carlile

A clear and resounding 5 star review for this UNFORGETTABLE conference! Honestly, the best days of my life! There just aren’t enough happy face emojis to honestly represent my grin from ear to ear ? – thanks GatherUp for making all of my dream come true ??

Marc Apple broke down his days right down to his Lyft rides and the weather.

Marc Apple

As I called for my Lyft, the rain started to fall outside the SeaTac airport, but nothing was going to dampen my spirits as I was on my way to MozCon 2019! Oh yeah, I was going all in on learning my craft as a professional SEO.

What would I take away? Maybe some new ways to get links for my clients that were white hat and useful. Maybe some insight into data and how to better read it. Or possibly I would meet some really cool people that do the same thing I do but better and were willing to share.

Why all the maybes? Well I haven’t been yet. 😉

Let’s please make this happen so I can turn those maybes into real life experiences!

And finally, Chris Ratchford made sure his review included a few shots at our Mike Blumenthal which is always fair game. Well played Chris.

Chris Ratchford

The experience I imagine having at this year’s MozCon? You want me to write about what I imagine this experience could be?!?! That’s a lot to unpack. First off, I’d be learning from the best of the best (and Blumenthal 😉 ).

Also me being a solo marketer, any interaction with fellow humans is a plus. Sometimes I go days or weeks without speaking to adults (outside of my kids school and sports). Then again, this is a plus most of the time.

Finally- attending MozCon would be fantabulous as I need my local SEO fix and the possibility of hanging with some the of Local U / Gather Up / Whitespark / SS folks would make it that much more worthwhile.

PS is this a random drawing or do I need to keep on with the ass kissing? 🙂

Thanks again to all of our entrants. We’re excited to see everyone at MozCon 2019 in Seattle just 6 weeks from now!



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