GetFiveStars Customer Webinar: June 2016

Customer complaints are hard to take. We’re so devoted to our businesses and serving our customers, its a huge emotional hit when a customer is unhappy.

In this month’s webinar, Aaron and Don talk about customer complaints and best practices for finding out about them, and dealing with them constructively. We also shared some new product enhancements to make finding your Google URL easier, and our Zapier integration.

The full recording of the webinar is posted below. We’ll be updating our webinars page with the July webinar date soon.

Webinar Video Recording


Aaron and Don discussed a series of articles on customer complaints written by Mike Blumenthal this past month. He conducted a range of surveys and distilled some super practical tips and best practices from this. During the webinar we dug into the details of these finding and shared some interesting tips and observations. We also answered some excellent questions from attendees about their challenges.

The topics we covered are listed below:

  1. 5 Good Things About Customer Complaints
  2. 8 Things That Really Cause Consumers to Complain
  3. What Happens When Things Really Go South?
  4. Are We As Good As We Think?
  5. How Quickly Should a Business Respond?
  6. 8 Steps for Dealing With a Customer Complaint
  7. Zapier Integration – We’re in the global directory now, and many of you are using Zapier to connect GetFiveStars with other apps like Quickbooks Online, Freshbooks, MailChimp, Google Sheets and others. Please give it a try – it’s super easy to set up and can really help you automate sending feedback requests and get more feedback and online reviews.

Slides from the Webinar

We’d love to hear your experience with customer complaints, and how you handle them, or best practices you’ve found, or struggles you’re not sure how to overcome. Just leave us a comment below, or send us an email. We all review these emails and are waiting to hear from you.



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