New Feature: Custom Review Notifications

While GatherUp review notifications have always existed in our reputation management platform, you now have endless options with our launch of custom review notifications.

Custom review notifications are here to enable you to learn about your latest reviews in the ways that best inform you right to your email inbox.

These notifications help you stay on top of reputation and customer experience outcomes that matter to your initiatives, job role, or department. This might be creating a review notification for a weekly summary of your worst reviews (1 and 2 stars) if you’re in customer support so you can make sure they are addressed. Your Director of Marketing might want a monthly summary of your 5-star Google reviews to use in marketing content for social proof.

This new feature gives you all of the flexibility you could want for review notifications.

Create Custom Review Notifications For What You Care About

This addition to review notifications lets you completely customize the criteria and timing of your notification emails. Our six-step process lets you control the review and rating details like:

  • Review rating
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Review source

Timing options of notifications include

  • On event (instant)
  • Daily summary
  • Weekly summary
  • Monthly summary

Lastly, if you have more than one location you can control what locations, labels or super groups you are monitoring. This is a nice enhancement from our current review notifications that were only available per location. Now you can get a roll-up of multiple locations as needed.

Create As Many Review Notifications As You Need

There are no limits to how many custom notifications you can create and how can receive them. Our advice is to name your notifications (step 1) with a title that summarizes them to make it easy to manage them in the future.

The example below shows four different custom notifications, each with its own purpose and criteria. You can even edit a notification if you need to add or remove criteria or recipients.

Start setting up your own custom review notification today. Go to SETTINGS and then click on NOTIFICATIONS and you will see the top notification option is for CUSTOM.

About The Author

Aaron Weiche is the CEO of GatherUp, a customer feedback and online review platform. Aaron is a digital marketing veteran of over 20 years growing digital agencies in executive roles. Aaron helped found MnSearch, is a partner at Local University, speaks internationally on reviews, search marketing, web design and mobile.

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