New Feature: Customer Activity Creates Efficient Workflows And Powers Actionable Insights

Data. Data. Data. But not my favorite character from The Goonies, Data. I’m talking about business data, big data, customer experience data. The type of data that everyone is talking about, some of you have, and everyone is challenged to use in meaningful ways.

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Many of us are sitting on treasure troves of customer experience data, but how do we access it and how do we use it?

The select few who have mad Excel skills, experience with SQL, and ‘speak’ multiple statistical languages know how to extract value from their data. As a data analyst, that’s their job.
The rest of us are going to need some help to transform our data from stagnate to actionable. Our latest GatherUp feature is designed to do just that.

All Your Customer Activity In One Screen

Customer Activity pulls together all your customers and 1st party reviews into one screen to provide you a real-time stream of what’s happening in GatherUp. Tools are organized into this interactive interface to help you manage customers efficiently, gain actionable insights and engage your customers. Sort and filter your data to find answers to your business questions and interact with your findings to fuel not only insights but reputation, marketing, SEO, and conversions too.

Interactive Interface With Organized Tools

Customer Activity brings together all customers and 1st party reviews into one screen. With management tools, metrics, and advanced filtering at your fingertips, you can interact with responsive data. Quickly access the tools you need to manage customers and your business.

  • Understand how your business is performing at a glance. Featured metrics include cumulative totals for Net Promoter Score (NPS), Request Mode, Monthly Requests by SMS and Email, and a Customer Profiles count.
  • Add new customers via a single customer or upload a customer list
  • See the latest activity in your account including customers added, ratings and feedback received, requests sent, feedback replied to, and tags assigned.
  • Sort data using column headings.
  • Access tools to send or resend a request, view customer profile, respond to feedback and export reports.

New Filter Powers Actionable Insights

With all of this data together into one screen, we added a filter. But, not just any filter. This filter is the stuff dreams are made of. Robust and responsive, the combinations are endless so you can zero in on precisely what you want to see to help you understand trends and answer questions.

As you use the filter, the featured metrics at the top of Customer Activity adjust to reflect cumulative totals for your selections providing quick health checks as you work. Make multiple selections from:

  • Account structure based on locations, labels (groups of locations) or super groups (groups of labels)
  • Customer sentiment using NPS categories of Promoters 9-10, Passives 7-8, and Detractors 0-6
  • Tags that help you isolate 1st party review “themes” or Tag widget content
  • 13 Activity & Actions including Customer added – not sent, Request sent, Feedback Received, Replied to, and Not Replied to.

For example, select a location, a NPS score of Detractors 0-6, and the action Not Replied to to create a list of unhappy customers who may benefit from you reaching out to them. You can easily reply to them using Respond in the Manage menu.

Customize your view using multiple selects. Reviewing the results, you can find actionable insights.

Look for trends by monitoring the cumulative NPS score for different locations or use Tags to surface themes by location and products so you can use actual customer experience to inform your business decisions.
 Use available tools in Manage to take action on the spot or export your findings to .pdf or .csv to share and discuss.

Creating Efficient Workflows

We just monitored the NPS score for multiple locations, filtered for detractors that hadn’t been responded to, exported a report, and reviewed feedback containing the word “wrong”. With your direction, Customer Activity brought your data to life and provided you with actionable insight. All. In. One. Screen.

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