New GetFiveStars Features Webinar

We held another customer webinar on Tuesday November 17, which was a record turnout – thank you to those who joined us!

In the webinar, we discussed some of the new features we’ve added to GetFiveStars, and many of you requested a list of them. Below is the slide deck we reviewed on the webinar.


New Features in GetFiveStars

  1. Ability to set a different Organization Type for your Business (Firm, Agency, School, Non Profit, Restaurant etc)
  2. Customer level reporting
  3. Ability for the Business Owner to publicly comment on a review.
  4. Added 9 additional API calls since April and enhanced many of the existing ones.
  5. Printable Invoices
  6. Better customizable template option for Kiosk Mode
  7. Facebook Review Monitoring is now automatic and no longer requires a manual step

We also unveiled our new website design. Aaron and team worked really hard on this and the feedback has been fantastic so far. Let us know what you think!

Questions and Answers

Unfortunately GoToWebinar crashed at the end and corrupted the recording of the webinar. I apologize for that. Here are some of the most common questions that were asked. If I missed a question you have, just email us at [email protected] and one of us will answer it for you asap!

  1. Why are my stars not showing in Google?
    Answer: a) Are you showing rich snippets? b) If yes what’s your page authority. Here are some tips.
  2. Can we have more testimonials widget display options?
    Answer: yes we are working on it – we have a TON of great features planned to help you leverage your hard-earned testimonial content across your website.
  3. Can I put my testimonials widget on my Facebook Page or Google+ Page?
    Answer: The widget is for the website. FB or Google do not allow you to execute any code (such as a widget) on their platforms.
  4. Where can I change who gets notified about different actions in the system?
    Answer: You have full control over Notification Settings here.
  5. How can I white-label GetFiveStars.
    Answer: Here’s our white-label FAQ.Let us know if we missed any of your questions and we will be glad to answer them.


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