Our New Interface And Navigation Redesign

Our team is very excited to release our redesigned navigation menu today.  The short version is that all of the sections, pages and names have stayed the same but the design and menu locations have changed.

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We know that no matter how needed or welcome change is, it’s still can be a jolt at first.  Read through this post and you’ll be ready to take the new interface for a spin.

Why The Redesign?

If you’ve been with us as a customer for more than a few months, then you are well aware we are constantly adding features.  The apps previous design and menu were part of the original work on the product almost 5 years ago and we were out growing it’s layout.

This redesign is a shift that will allow us to keep adding features, improving usability and making more of our features discoverable in your daily use of our platform.

What’s Changed In The Navigation

The navigation shift is pretty straightforward and consists of two main changes.

  1. The main navigation moves from the top of the screen to the left hand side.
  2. The “Account” tab is now located under the user’s name in the upper right of the screen.

This move was to make our navigation simpler and intuitive.  Let’s take a look at the old and new navigation menus showing where things have moved.

As you can see above we have “untangled” a few things and now placed everything in two specific locations.  The left side menu also allows us more room as we will be adding some additional navigation choices later this year.

Clicking on your user name in the upper right will now expose the Account menu options to manage users, billing and the ability to logout.

Account Information

Other New Interface Additions

While the navigation design was the main goal of this redesign, we also incorporated a few small elements that will be of help to all of our customers.

Location Identifier
We have added a location identifier to the top bar.  Once you have selected a specific location to work in (for multi-location accounts) or logged in as a single account owner, your location information will always be visible.  This will include display of the location name, address and the new location identifier.

Location Information

Location ID Tag
On the location identifier line, just after the business address you will notice a gray box.  This box displays your location ID.  This is an additional identifier for your location in our system. There a few different features in the system that require this ID and now it’s exposed for you at all times.

Location ID Tag

Our platform auto assigns a location ID when you create your location(s).  Multi-locations do have the ability to use their own location ID naming/numbering by making use of our Custom Field.

Truth be told, we might have had 4 or 5 different button styles added to the platform over the years.  We took a clean sweep through all of our buttons with this update and they are now all one new style.

More To Come

Our summer plans include a number of new features and improvements heading your way, so stay tuned.  A great way to be “in the know” is to attend our monthly webinars where we preview upcoming feature releases and changes.



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