A New Look For Get Five Stars

We’re beyond excited to reveal the new logo design for Get Five Stars today.  Just as our platform has evolved over the past 2 1/2 years with over 50 features and enhancements since we first launched, today our logo has it’s own 2.0 version.

Get Five Stars New Logo 2016

Representing What We Do & Who We Are

As anyone that has ever gone through a logo design process knows, it’s downright hard. We worked with a fantastic designer, Ben Olsem, to lead us through the journey and remain true to what we desired in the outcome.

  1.  A logo beyond reviews.  While “5 Stars” is in our name, we wanted a mark that spoke to the customer feedback, Net Promoter Score and customer experience communication value we bring to our customers. And yes, reviews and monitoring too.
  2. Unique.  We feel we are different in the vast sea of companies offering our type of services. We wanted a mark and color scheme that separated us in the same way our approach, passion and platform does.
  3. Here, there, everywhere.  Our previous branding lacked flexibility for all of the various ways a brand can appear these days.  Mobile, desktop, social platforms, apps, watches … we needed a logo that could work fluidly with today’s and tomorrow’s Internet of Things (IoT).

Get Five Stars logos icons

The More Things Change, The More The Core Stays The Same

Our logo redesign is just one element of so many evolutions that are constantly happening with Get Five Stars.  The product roadmap of feature additions has us busy through 2016 and into 2017 already.  We are so fortunate to serve our customers of over 19,000 business locations globally and growing.

Healthy growth can’t take place without a solid core to branch out from and we have one we are extremely proud of.  Our executive team has all been in online marketing and local search for over 40 years combined.

L to R: Mike Blumenthal, Thomas Hasch, Don Campbell, Aaron Weiche

L to R: Mike Blumenthal, Thomas Hasch, Don Campbell, Aaron Weiche

We care greatly about how our product impacts businesses and their customers.   Get Five Stars is one of the few bootstrapped platforms in our space, keeping us in control and focused on customer satisfaction, not investors or exit strategies.

We share a TON of knowledge, ideas and expertise on our blog, monthly webinars, social media and speaking engagements.

At our last planning session, we also got in front of the video camera and put together a short overview from our Executive Team so you can get to know us and the “why” behind Get Five Stars.


Truly, Thank You

Lastly, we are incredibly grateful to you.  You are family owned businesses, entrepreneurs, online marketers, local SEO professionals, agencies, franchises and corporate marketing teams.  You inspire us, teach us and bring unlimited value to what we help you do with our platform.  We hope you embrace our new branding with the same pride we feel sharing it with you .

 Sincere Thanks,
-Don, Mike B., Aaron, Thomas, Mike M., Josh, Lucas, Ricky, Ashok and team.


P.S.  We have some new logo stickers to share, drop us your name and mailing address and we’ll send you a couple.  Request stickers now! 

GetFiveStars stickers

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