User Management Made Easy for Teams of Any Size

Easily manage users, and their access to data, features, and settings within the platform, for teams of any size. GatherUp’s user management tools have been expanded to include 6 new roles, My Profile, a user management dashboard, and the ability to customize permissions.

New features for managing users include My Profile, User Management, and User Role Permissions pages.

New User Roles Empower Action and Control

New user roles, including a specialized role for agencies, allow you to assign proper access to the platform for each member of your team. From read-only to the ability to edit all settings you can empower each user to take appropriate action while controlling access. Available roles include:

Administrator: Full access to all features and can manage all settings, users, and billing
Manager: Use of all features and access to settings
Team: Access and use of all core features
Contributor: Can access all content and data, add customers, reply to and publish reviews
Read Only: Can only read content and data, but not submit data

Agency accounts also include a specialized role for managing clients, Agency Manager. By default, Agency Manager is assigned the same set of permissions as Manager as well as the following agency-only permissions:

  • Agency Dashboard
  • Create Client
  • Delete Client
  • Agency Default Configuration

We’ve designed the default permissions for each role to make it easy to build teams out-of-the-box. With the addition of My Profile, users can access their user information as well as assigned user role and locations.

Available from the user menu, My Profile gives users access to view general information, assigned user role and location(s), and reset their password.

Easily Manage All Users From a Single Screen

User Management is a new view that makes it easy to manage all of your users. You can add or delete users and select a user to edit the role and locations they are assigned to from a single screen so that managing teams of any size is simple and straightforward.

Easily manage all users from a single screen via User Management.

Select a user to edit their profile and you can change the user role and manage assigned locations with just a few clicks.

To manage a user’s information, role, and assigned locations edit their profile.

For larger teams, search for a specific user by name or filter users by location and role to quickly access the results you need.

Search features include a search box and filter to search by user name, location, or role.

Detailed Customization Available for User Roles

We’ve built-in even more control for those that need it with customizable permissions for each user role. The account owner or an Administrator can access User Role Permissions via User Management to edit available permissions per role. Toggle ON/OFF available permissions for a role for easy customization.

Edit permissions to customize user roles via User Role Permissions.

Get Started

If you are not using GatherUp, sign-up today to build and manage a team empowered to capture, manage, and market customer feedback and reviews for your business.

If you are an existing customer, all users in your account have been mapped to one of the new user roles. We selected the role with permissions that were the closest and lowest match for each user to protect your account. By default, User Management is available to the Account Owner, Administrators, and Managers and can be used to review all users and their newly assigned roles and edit as needed.

For help getting started, view the user guides:



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