Webinar: The State of Online Reviews in 2021 – January 14th

Have you been paying attention to all of the big and small changes to online reviews over the past year? Your reviews drive so much value to your business.

Join us on Thursday, January 14th at 2:00 pm EST for a comprehensive look into the world of 1st and 3rd party reviews with GatherUp’s Mike Blumenthal.

In this free webinar, Mike will cover everything you need to know to invest your review gathering efforts in the right place, how to market your reviews and 5X their value, and how to manage those pesky reviews that can hurt your business.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How COVID has impacted business reviews over the past 9 months.
  • How Google, Yelp, and Facebook have adapted to COVID and what you need to know.
  • How Yelp moderates racism.
  • The most important online review trends that Mike’s been tracking across Google, Facebook, and Yelp.
  • What 1st-party reviews have to offer that 3rd-party reviews don’t.
  • How Google moderates (wacky) negative reviews and what you can do about it.
  • What are Google review attributes and why do they matter.
  • How to develop a review strategy and a review plan for 2021.


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