How Willing Are Consumers to Leave Reviews Internationally?

Our previous survey results showed clearly that US Consumers have been increasingly embracing the idea of writing reviews not just reading them. As we saw the number of US consumers that never wrote reviews dropped from 58.2% in 2014 to 31.5% today.

international reviews stats

That raised the question for me of how international consumers compared to those in the United States. The differences are illuminating.

Google Surveys now allows for surveys to be given in a wide range of countries. I chose four countries to compare; the US, Australia, the UK and Germany1. I hypothesized that Germany, being the most privacy conscious, would also be less likely to review than the other countries. I suspected that there would be differences in the English speaking countries as well but wasn’t sure exactly where they would fall.

International “Likeliness To Leave A Review” Consumer Survey Results

In April of this year, we asked consumers in the four countries:

After purchasing from a local business, how often will you take the time to leave an online review for that business?

International Comparison of consumer’s willingness to leave local reviews.

These results show a distinct difference in current consumers attitudes towards their willingness to leave a reviews. Clearly the US leads the pack, followed by Australia, then the UK and finally Germany. Interestingly Germany is nearly in the exact spot that the US was in July of 2014.

Will each of these countries progress along the same path as the US has for the past few years? It is tempting to project that path. But now that we have a baseline we can see if local consumers in each of those countries will in in fact be more willing to leave reviews in the future.

1 – I want to thank David Sharma for his help with the German translation. If you are fluent in French or Spanish and are willing to do some small translation work, let me know and we can develop a baseline for a few more countries.

3 Replies to “How Willing Are Consumers to Leave Reviews Internationally?”

  1. Hey Mike!

    Those are some interesting statistics. I wonder where Canada fits into the equation. Do you know where I could find some information about Canadians reviewing companies?

  2. Dennis says:

    Hey Mike, interesting statistics, I never thought about how countries differ in taking a consumer survey. Now, I’m wondering how their customer complaints differ. I wonder why the U.S. is more willing to leave reviews than the other English speaking countries.

    1. Mike Blumenthal says:

      Good questions…
      As to why US reviewers are more willing… I have several theories.
      1)Reviewing started in the US and the leading review sites took several years longer to enter the market become popular in Europe
      2)There are big cultural differences around the question of publicly sharing.. Germany for example, due to their history, is much more rigorous on a personal level about privacy. In the US, we have larger a % of the population that moves and thus might need reviews more.
      3)These differences in culture might apply to customer complaints as well. It would be interesting to survey consumers and see.

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