3 Examples Of Optimizing The Customer Experience

Excelling at every interaction in the customer experience (CX) is on the mind of a lot of companies these days.  Executives and marketers are looking to create magic in the consumers end-to-end journey with their business and form a relationship with the customer.  A relationship that leads to loyalty and referrals is at stake, so lets look at 3 companies and their optimization of their customer’s experience.

Sticker Mule Makes Great Stickers, Shipped By Nice People

I’ve ordered plenty of stickers from Sticker Mule over the past 5 or 6 years.  Their online experience is easy, fast and the product has always been perfect for me.

customer experience thank you

Sticker Mule optimizes their customer experience by just a small touch of taking the time to include a “thank you” from the staff member that packed your order. A simple postcard with a human signature.

They also use the card to remind you to share your sticker excitement on your social channels and often throw in other product samples to stimulate your next idea. This gesture is small, simple and effective in optimizing the customer’s experience.  Every company can do this.

Joybird Packs The Joy Of Custom Furniture In A Small Box

When starting to look for a nice chair for my office I came across Joybird.  They had a great web experience, their product looked fantastic and I was led to order their free swatch kit.

Joybird CX

Days later a box of greatness arrived.  DOZENS of fabric samples, a short buying guide, wood options and a coaster were all inside.  They made figuring out what I wanted so much easier by delivering me the options to touch, see and compare.  It doesn’t hurt that the packaging is attractive, the messaging is on brand and inviting, and that it arrived fast.  Small box, huge value and impact.

I have a feeling I’ll be writing about Joybird down the road too.  They optimize customer experience and marketing at a brilliant level, just view their launch of Joybird Stories.

An Over The Top Counter Top Experience With Cambria

I recently had a complete kitchen remodel take place at our house.  One must for us was a large center island that my family of 6 could do everything on and around.  When it came time to select the top for it, we went with Cambria for it’s beauty and sheer indestructibleness (a must with 4 kids!).

cambria CX thank you

Two weeks after the install of our amazing center island the UPS guy delivered a package.  I opened it up and couldn’t believe it.  Cambria had sent me a custom cheese cutting board made from our countertop material, a thank you and a request for feedback.  This was a complete “surprise and delight” move. It worked.

Cambria had already impressed with with their product, their process and the end result.  They now made me a brand fanatic and a referral source with this customer experience optimization.

Where Can You Optimize Your Customer Experience?

I hope these 3 examples of customer experience optimizations inspired you to look at your CX and see where you could stand out.  One thing for sure is that getting customer feedback is a great way to capture and measure how your customers feel about their experience with you.  It can show you where you are strong and where you need to improve.  We’d love to help you listen to your customers and deliver a great customer experience.

About The Author

Aaron Weiche is the CEO of GatherUp, a customer feedback and online review platform. Aaron is a digital marketing veteran of over 20 years growing digital agencies in executive roles. Aaron helped found MnSearch, is a partner at Local University, speaks internationally on reviews, search marketing, web design and mobile.

One Reply to “3 Examples Of Optimizing The Customer Experience”

  1. Nice examples, Aaron. My favorite online fabric store won my loyalty when they not only tied up my purchase in a totally beautiful ribbon but also sent me a surprise of a free piece of fabric, just for fun. They are called Farmhouse Fabrics and if you know anyone who sews, send them to that site. I can pretty much guarantee they’ll be delighted with their consumer experience.

    Interestingly, this stands in stark contrast to the HORRIBLE experience of trying to shop at my most local fabric chain which is dirty, messy, disorganized, understaffed, poorly lit, full of awful scented things that give me a sore throat, and, to boot, stocks mainly low quality product. It shall remain nameless.

    A happy day for me would be one on which an independent fabric store would open locally and give that chain a run for their money. I sew many of my own clothes, and as you can see from this comment, I have rather strong feelings about customer experience. 😉

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