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You’ve got the basics covered in using GetFiveStars.  You are adding all of your customers into our platform and getting valuable feedback and reviews.  When you set things up you were excited to get going and you might have done very little customization of your communication.

But now that you’re settled in, it’s time to make some changes and attempt to get more engagement from your feedback requests.

1- Ask For Feedback As Close To The Interaction As Possible

Getting a feedback request out to your customer as close to their interaction with you is very important.  Their interaction with your business is still on their mind and you are more likely to get engagement, feedback and a review. A few things to look into:

A. Add customers the same day manually.  It might feel like work at first, but adding them the same day will yield your best results.

B. Automate customers into the platform with Zapier.  We’re in the Zapier app directory and that allows you to connect GetFiveStars to any of the other 500 products/apps in the Zapier directory.  Add customers to GFS when you add them to MailChimp, when you send a QuickBooks Online invoice, when you add a row to a Google Spreadsheet, when you add a contact to Gmail.  The list is endless is straightforward to set-up.

Zapier integration

2- Subject Lines Matter

Without getting your feedback request email opened, you can’t succeed at the rest of the process. Here are a few things to help with a better subject line and more opens.

A.  Add personalization to the subject line.  Grab the customer first name “tag” from the editor and add it to the subject line. Studies have shown that personalization with a customer’s name boosts open rates.

Personalize subject line

B.  Try and test a few different styles of subject line.  This post from HubSpot offers up more than a few ideas on crafting your subject line.  Keep them short and try action oriented verbs, make your customers feel special, create a sense of urgency or compose a question.  You can’t do ALL of these in a subject line, but try a few to see what customers respond most to.

3- Customize Your Email Content

Every business has their own “voice” in how they talk and communicate with their customers.  While our templates start out some with text, it’s not going to be the perfect “voice” and request for every business.  Try reworking the content to include some of these:

A. Exactly what you are asking.  If you are asking just the NPS question, then tell them you want an answer to just one question! If you are asking the NPS question as well as 4 survey questions let them know it’s just 5 questions.  Or frame it up saying you need just 2 minutes of their time.  People appreciate and trust you more when you are upfront with your request.

B. Let them know how much it matters to you.  Many of your customers might buy from you based on their relationship with you, your staff or your brand.  Convey this same emotion in your feedback request.  Let customers know you read every single piece of feedback, you share it with the staff and you use this valuable feedback to improve your business – for them.

C. Flatter them.  Complimenting customers is a great way to get more feedback.  Let them know that many of your smartest business moves have been made after hearing great ideas from customers.  Drive home the fact that it’s how they view your business that truly matters, so you need to understand that view.

4- Make Use Of The Email Reminders

Our platform sends out the initial feedback request and then has the option for 2 more reminders to leave feedback.  Turning these 1st and 2nd reminders ON is a great way to double or triple your results as we often see as much engagement from customers at each request.

feedback email reminders

It’s important with the use of these to customize each request too.  Changing the subject line at each send to drive up the urgency is important.  Change the content in the email as well to reflect the importance of their feedback using the same content tips as above.  Do NOT send the same email 3 times, step it up!

5- Use SMS For 97%+ Open Rates

With our platform now offering SMS / Text as a method to request feedback and reviews, you can’t ignore the fantastic open rate that it offers.  Where we see email average about a 40% open rate across our millions of email requests, SMS achieves well more than double of that.

SMS request

Explore adding SMS to your plan with us, it’s value of more customer engagement is well worth it.


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