6 Reasons Your Digital Agency Should White-label Our Review Management Solution

If you are working at or running a digital marketing agency then you are constantly looking to add services or products that help them with their digital estate marketing in order to achieve the goals of your clients.  Additionally you want these to add revenue to your agency, a win-win.

Agency whitelabel

Reselling GetFiveStars as a white-label offering at your agency can help you with both of these and more.  Let’s look at just 6 reasons that reselling our service to your customers will help grow their business and yours.

1- Sell A Core Business Need

What we help you deliver is not just the latest trick or hot topic of the month. For ANY type of business, knowing what their customers think so they can improve their offering is a must.

What we help you offer is not just reputation management, but a customer experience play that gathers customer feedback, Net Promoter Score, survey scores, 1st-party reviews, 3rd-party reviews and more.  With the ability to capture all of this, you can then benchmark data, improve, market, convert and grow their business.

2- Develop Revenue Streams That Go Beyond SEO

Look no further than how much effort and investment Google is putting into making pay-per-click marketing even easier for a business to run on their own.  Where AdWords would once overwhelm a business owner and an expert was truly needed, they have made progress on a simpler, smarter offering that will cut the agency out of the equation.

We offer a product that allows you to create numerous value added income streams that protect your when Google continuing to takes more and more business direct.

3- Expand Your Value

Landing a new client is hard work, time consuming and expensive.  Once you have a client, the goal is to grow their account with more services, touch-points and value so they can grow too.  Adding our customer feedback and review management services to your client’s list of services will help both of you.

Depending on how you price your services around our platform, you can gain anywhere from $50 to $300 or more each month.  You also can move deeper into their business by integrating our solution into their CRM or email platform as well as all of the data you gather over time.

They view you as more valuable because you might be the first company and solution to help them listen to their customers, quantify improvement and grow their online reputation.  All of this in addition to supporting your other digital marketing efforts like Local SEO.

4- Grow Your Predictable Revenue

As we touched on above, you’re able to use our white-label solution to expand your own revenue.  Even better, it’s predictable revenue.  Selling our service is both a long-term play and one that you can sign-up customers for annually or even in 2 year agreements (even thought we only have a monthly agreement with you.).

In the agency world of hours, having predictable monthly revenue is key to running a stable and successful agency.

5- Team With Experts in Digital Marketing

This is a big one for us, as no other solution in our space was founded by and is run by local digital marketing experts.  Our team is full of former agency founders, execs and industry thought leaders that you will benefit from including Mike Blumenthal aka “Professor Maps”.

We bake our knowledge into the product as well as share it here on our blog and in our monthly webinars.  Our relationships with Google and other industry leaders benefit you in many ways.  Ask any of our long-term customers, we give away our knowledge for your benefit.  We want to see you succeed.

We even have a Agency Account Rep (Chris Walker – [email protected]) that can help you with your questions or needs as you grow with us, in addition to our Customer Success team.

6- Built For Digital Agencies

Our product is continuously growing, improving and getting better for you, the agency.  We conduct annual surveys, take feedback and constantly look at our product through the lens of our agency resellers.  It’s why our product has more features benefiting your work as an agency than any other in the review management space.  Here are just a few:

  • Best-in-class Review Widget to display 1st-party reviews (and 3rd-party too) on your client’s website and also with stars in the Google SERPs for SEO benefits
  • Review Tag Widget so you can group reviews by location, service or other themes for your clients website
  • Custom branding of our interface so you can add your logo and color scheme
  • Custom subdomain or even your own domain options for access to our solution (both have a fee)
  • Account structure, access, labels and reports to serve your multi-location customers
  • We are the ONLY solution to provide Google Q & A monitoring (Pro plan) so you can offer this as another service to your clients
  • Coming soon – our new “Client level” to make managing and setting up your customers even easier
  • Tiered pricing with us so as you grow, so does your profit margin

Get Your Agency Started or Get a Refresher

These are some very substantial reasons to start your account with us.  If you are using  different service for review management, we’d be happy to help convert your clients over to ours and have done many of these transitions. If you are an existing agency with us you might have noticed a few things above you need more information on too, so please hit us up!



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