Agency Analytics Adds GatherUp To Integration Options

We are excited to announce that Agency Analytics, an all-in-one reporting platform for digital marketing agencies, has added GatherUp to their list of over 50 integration options that already include Google Analytics, Facebook, Hubspot, Google My Business, Mailchimp and more.

GatherUp agency analytics report
Some of the GatherUp data and reporting options in Agency Analytics

Reputation, Reviews and NPS Reporting Made Easy

Frequently requested by marketers that use both GatherUp and Agency Analytics (AA), users can leverage a wide range of reputation, review and Net Promoter Score (NPS) data. Agency Analytics offers marketers a streamlined and centralized way to report on data from SEO, social media, email, PPC and reputation/reviews. The addition of GatherUp is a big win for our agency customers using Agency Analytics.

We are also excited to have an integration in the works for Cyfe, another popular all-in-one reporting and dashboard service used by digital marketers and Local SEOs.

These integrations with reporting solutions allows for even great data collaboration and sharing on top of the ten robust and rich reports that GatherUp offers in our platform including our Success Report and Insights Report powered by IBM Watson.

Reputation Reporting Options

The Agency Analytics integration will allow you to create reports in AA from GatherUp that visualize and share:

  • Review average rating
  • Review count
  • Reviews by rating
  • Reviews by source
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • NPS breakdown

Depending on the data you are wanting to share, AA allows you to choose from a wide variety of visual chart types including line charts, bar charts, pie charts, gauge charts, sparkline charts, tables, and stat displays.

online reviews report

Getting Started With GatherUp and Agency Analytics

To get started, go to your Agency Analytics account, then select integrations. Find GatherUp under “All” on the integrations page or under “Local”.

gatherup integration agency anlytics

Once you have selected GatherUp, then click “Connect New Account”. The next screen (below) will prompt you for your GatherUp account ClientID and API Key. This information is in your account by selecting the client you are authorizing from the Agency Dashboard, then select “Client Details” from the upper right user account menu. Our help guide instructions are here.

GatherUp api keys for Agency analytics

You will need to “show” the API key to copy and paste it over as the “***************” format will not work for this.

Once this is completed, select GatherUp on the next screen and then the location(s) to report on and you are ready to add data to Agency Analytics! When you add metrics to the “Dashboard” you will locate GatherUp under “Local” for data sources.

We’re excited to expand our integrations by being part of Agency Analytics and Cyfe (coming soon) to give our agencies as many options as possible. We’d love to hear about your experiences using these dashboard tools along with your GatherUp reports to share reputation and NPS data with your clients.

About The Author

Aaron Weiche is the CEO of GatherUp, a customer feedback and online review platform. Aaron is a digital marketing veteran of over 20 years growing digital agencies in executive roles. Aaron helped found MnSearch, is a partner at Local University, speaks internationally on reviews, search marketing, web design and mobile.

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