Bolster Your Google Mobile Search Results

How your business appears in Google’s mobile search results might make or break your next customer contacting you.  While our service offers many components like Net Promoter Score, customer feedback, online review generation, notifications, reporting and more, many customers really value how we help market their business.

Our co-founder and local search expert, Mike Blumenthal, has really focused on what results Google is displaying when a consumer searches for your brand.  It’s a heavy dose of reputation.  It led him to formalizing his Google As Your New Home Page theory, a must read.

Google Mobile Search Impact

With mobile searches, especially for local service and product providers, being so important we wanted to show you how we bolster Google’s results.  View the brand search below for Mike’s longtime client Barbara Oliver Jewelry and how our service impacts and enhances so many elements of the mobile search results though reputation, reviews and more.

View below the image to see more details on each of the numbered sections. Both are the same results, with the right side highlighting the specific areas we effect.

Google mobile results

Achieve Your Best Result

Read below to understand how we impact the areas we have called out. All of these combined is what makes our solution stand out from our competitors.

1- Google Reviews.  With multiple “modes” to choose from, you are able to request reviews on Google from your customers helping generate authentic reviews to your Google GMB profile.

2- Google Questions & Answers.  This feature from Google continues to become more visible in the SERPs and we are the ONLY solution to help you monitor and manage it.  Having the right question and answer in the search results is important.

3- Reviews From The Web.  By using our Review Widget on your own website you can enable the page it displays on to show stars in the search results and appear in this section of other review sources. A really big win in reputation visibility as it puts your own site and 1st party reviews on the same stage as Facebook and other review sites.

4-Mobile Sitelinks.  Creating a page dedicated to your reviews or testimonials that you can populate with our Review Widget gives you a page of valuable fresh content, helpful to consumers that can appear in your results sitelinks.  One more clickable area binging a consumer to your website for possible conversion.

5- Review Snippets.  Our review widget is built with special Google review mark-up that can display your 1st party review stars and rating with your search results.  We even have an option for a custom “tag” widget that allow you to place 1st party reviews on page related to a theme like service area (geo), service type or staff. Studies have shown that these rich review snippets attract eyes and clicks, with anywhere from a 30% to 200+% increase in clicks.  That’s a conversion powerhouse.

Reputation Is The Key To Conversion

You now know you can maximize a number of elements in your Google brand searches on mobile (and desktop too).  Leveraging all of these together like our example paints a clear picture of the reputation and success a consumer can be won over by.  In today’s Google SERP, reputation is the key to conversion.



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