Grab a Tissue and Let’s Recap MozCon 2019

Last week, I attended MozCon 2019. As an event partner (and first-time attendee), it was exciting to arrive at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle… even if I had to show multiple forms of ID, original paperwork, and provide a DNA sample to access the venue. I’m only slightly joking. Those WSCC security volunteers mean business. After finally arriving at my destination, I had the pleasure of working with, and meeting, many of the Moz team to kick off a truly remarkable event.

GatherUp Demos Packs Them In

Demoing the NEW Insights Report to attendees at MozCon

The demo hub was jammed with curious minds ready to learn more about customer experience, reviews, and reputation management. Some were drawn to the new Insights Report displayed in high def above the crowds. Seeing review content be turned into visual business insights in real-time was a big crowd-pleaser.

Shout-Outs from the MozCon 2019 Stage

Joy Hawkins giving us some love on the big stage at MozCon

Other attendees came to visit on orders from presenters Mary Bowling and Joy Hawkins. With over 1,300 people hanging on their every word, both presenters recommended GatherUp from the live stage. Because our founding team’s roots run deep in SEO and Local SEO, it’s no surprise the SEO community is our community.

Their honest and affectionate praise of our platform and team may have stirred up a few tears in us, however, we did manage to pull ourselves together and regroup… on a boat.

We appreciate you Dr. Marie Haynes, Mary Bowling, Joy Hawkins, and Cindy Krum!

IRL Wisdom Beats Reading Thousands of Articles

I was observing a conversation between Mike Blumenthal and an attendee about review management and the impact reviews can have on SEO when I witnessed a pause. Then came a lightbulb. The attendee realized, mid-sentence, exactly who it was they were talking to.

Mike has published thousands of local SEO articles over the years and any true local SEO has read between 1 to 1,000 of them. After all, he is Professor Maps. When the attendee’s eyes grew and lit up with recognition it was a priceless moment to take in that got even better when the blush of being a little starstruck followed.

This was taken right before the attendee put a face with a name… Mike Blumenthal live and in-person.

Even Petra stopped by for a chat and a photo! She was our MozCon free ticket winner and came to Seattle all the way from Austria.

Welcome Petra! She was the winner of the MozCon Ticket Giveaway made possible by GatherUp.

We’re Proud To Serve The SEO Community

When you bring together the best, the brightest, the beginners, and the passionate in marketing and SEO, a discipline is turned into a community that comes to life. A community that makes connections and sings karaoke. (Is it care-e-o-kee or ka-row-kee?) A community that we are proud to be a part of and even prouder to serve.

From left: Chris Walker, Tara Jenkins, Aaron Weiche, Liezen Van Loh, and Mike Blumenthal

Chris Walker, Agency Account Executive, is our agency specialist and expert t-shirt roller. Tara Jenkins, Sr. National Account Executive, nailed her first day at GatherUp jumping in to do demos at MozCon. Aaron Weiche, CEO, does get emotional seeing the talents of this team make listening a business superpower for others. Liezen Van Loh, Product and Content Marketer, loves to talk schema and astutely observes all crosswalk signals. And last but not least, Mike Blumenthal is the talent that leaves them enlightened, challenged, and maybe a little starstruck.

Until next time MozCon!



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