Feature Update: Manage All Reviews in Customer Activity

3rd-party reviews have been added to Customer Activity

Manage all of your reviews from a single screen with the addition of 3rd-party reviews to Customer Activity. Now, all ratings, reviews, and actions for your customer reviews are available in one central location. So, if you have one or 1,000+ locations, Customer Activity helps you manage customer feedback and your online reputation even faster and easier than before.

Manage All Your Reviews in a Single View

Customer Activity pulls together 1st-party and 3rd-party reviews to present a complete picture of your customer’s sentiment about your brand. As a result of having all of your reviews in one place, it’s easy to check-in, spot trends, reply, and take action on feedback.

Customer Activity offers tools to manage all reviews and requests in one screen

From Customer Activity, you can add customers, manage reviews, and select reviews to display in the Review Widget. Then, you can filter results by Location, Rating Type, Tags, and Activity and Actions. Export filtered data to create reports that you can share with those who need it.

Customer Activity powers GatherUp and turns it into a valuable customer experience hub for your business. A resource that unifies review monitoring, review acquisition, customer feedback, surveys, and NPS into a single view.

CX hub Gatherup
Customer Activity unifies tools turning GatherUp into a valuable customer experience hub

Auto-Tagging Now Available for 3rd-party Reviews

Due to this update, you can now auto-tag 3rd-party reviews. Auto-tagging automatically detects the selected keyword(s) in a review’s content and applies a “tag” to the review. Tags added can be used to filter data in Customer Activity to understand the themes and topics of what customers are talking about. Because it’s easy to set-up and adds automation to understanding your reviews, Auto-Tagging is a very valuable feature.

Customer Activity entries filtered by Tag “Baked Menu Items” displays entries that contain the keywords panini, muffin, cake, etc.

You can also use tagged 1st- and 3rd-party reviews to create a Tag Widget. These custom review widgets allow you to group reviews for display on your website by a topic, keyword, service, staff member or other specific detail. Doing so adds relevant review content that can influence a consumer’s buying decision.

Display selected reviews on a product or service page using the Tag Widget. In this example only reviews with a keyword or phrase from the tag “Drink” are included. So reviews about margaritas, beer, etc are displayed on the Happy Hour page of the website.

The purchase likelihood for a product with five reviews is 270% greater than the purchase likelihood of a product with no reviews. Want more review stats? 100+ Online Review Statistics You Need to Know in 2019

Tools to Respond to Reviews Efficiently

Customer Activity puts the tools you need to respond to reviews at your fingertips so that executing a feedback and review response strategy is easy. Respond directly to 1st-party reviews with a simple click.

Click to respond to the 1st-party review in Customer Activity and select a public or private reply

Use Google My Business Authorization to sync your account with GatherUp and enable the ability to reply to Google reviews right in Customer Activity.

Respond to Google Reviews directly from Customer Activity with Google My Business Authorization

The ability to filter entries by Replied to or Not Replied to lets you manage business replies across both 1st-party reviews and Google reviews from a single screen.

Filter review entries by “Not Replied to” in Customer Activity to quickly execute business replies from a single screen and manage all reviews

Centralize Your Customer Reviews

Customer Activity pulls together all of your customers and their reviews into one view with the tools you need to gather, manage, and market your business’ reputation in real-time. As a result you can create a customer experience hub that unifies channels and centralizes data to decrease cost and increase impact. Use Customer Activity to engage your customers with increased efficiency and make listening your business superpower.

“Absolute easiest way to aggregate and solicit reviews from customers. Using this tool helps give potential customers the best idea of how your business operates. It’s easy to ask for reviews, easy to respond and fix issues, and easy to incorporate reviews to your site to help increase your trustworthiness with customers and search engines.”

User Review of GatherUp from Capterra


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