March 2022 Webinar Recap: Updates to Social Sharing & Upcoming Feature Releases

On March 31st, GatherUp hosted a webinar to update customers on our most recent feature launch as well as items coming soon or in beta. Thank you for attending and asking wonderful questions. And if you couldn’t make it you can watch the webinar below. 

Watch the March 2022 Webinar

March 2022 Webinar Agenda

The March 31st webinar included details on our exciting new features. The team has worked hard to build value within Social Sharing, as well as a valuable new tool to help agencies grow and scale. 

Social Sharing allows you to share reviews on Social Media building your brand with consistent reinforcement from customers. Now you can automate the posting of these reviews through Automatic Social Sharing. We also reminded viewers that you can now post directly to Instagram.

The Reputation Scorecard, currently in beta, is a new feature that pulls a snapshot of a business’ online reputation versus its competitors. Agencies will use this tool to prospect and provide value during the lead generation process ultimately earning new clients. 

Lastly, we discussed our latest integration to add customers which will launch April 6th. Google Sheets, the widely used spreadsheet tool, can now be used to add customers automatically to your GatherUp account to send review requests efficiently.



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